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This is a FREE template to help you define your company's digital marketing strategy through the creation of a custom Internet marketing plan.

Everything you need to painlessly create and implement your Internet marketing strategy...

  • We compiled the relevant information into one document.
  • We formulated the plan based on our Internet marketing and strategic planning expertise.
  • We narrowed the strategic focus towards increasing the value of your website.

When you present an awesome Internet marketing plan to your CEO, your chances of success and getting your budget approved can skyrocket!


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Website Objectives iThe template will help you document the marketing results are you trying to achieve with your website. How do you want visitors to perceive your organization? How does your website add value for your visitors? And how does it help to achieve your revenue objectives. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Market Profile iThe template will also help you describe your market characteristics--how they use the Internet, alternatives, and the decision process as it relates to the use of your website and the selling process. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Competitive Analysis iAnd, the template will walk you through a process that will help you assess your competitors’ ability to compete and the investment they have made in their website. You will also do an analysis of their digital assets. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Marketing Strategy iThis is the most intense part of the Internet marketing plan. You will document the strategy and tactics for driving prospect to your website, both Naturally (like SEO, Social and others) and through Paid Attraction (like PPC and several other advertising venues). You will also potentially document Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Conversion Optimization, and Success Measurement. Finally, you will document the resources required to achieve your objectives, both financial and personnel. You might even address any website redesign requirement. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Editable iYou will receive a Microsoft Word or Apple Pages document that you can easily edit. It contains a table of contents, is professionally formatted, and will speed up the process of writing your custom Internet marketing plan.   checkmark checkmark
Guided Text iThe example text in the free PDF is helpful but the guided text explains what should go into each section, what factors to consider, and educates you on many facets of Internet marketing. The result will be a plan that is well thought out and addresses all the relevant issues.   checkmark checkmark
Consultation iPrior to starting your marketing plan you will have a 30-60 minute consultation with one of our Internet marketing experts in business and strategic planning. This will help to set the stage for a more rapid and valuable planning process. The expert can help you avoid common pitfalls when planning and to focus on the areas that are most appropriate for your business model and market.   checkmark checkmark
Marketing Plan Score iIt's always helpful to have an unbiased review. When your plan is complete, you can submit it to our Internet marketing experts who will evaluate and score it on 10 primary criteria. It includes a summary that focuses on the top three areas that need improvement.   checkmark checkmark
Workshop iWe have created a one-day workshop led by our Internet marketing experts to walk you through the process, step-by-step, of writing your Internet marketing plan. Plus you will learn about the latest developments in Internet marketing.     checkmark
Collaboration iEach one-day workshop is provided for a limited number of Marketing Directors from non-competing businesses. This collaborative environment provides an opportunity to share experiences that helps avoid pitfalls and leverages knowledge.     checkmark
iWhen attending the one-day workshop, you are freed from all your usual distractions, have immediate answers to questions, and are assisted when you run into roadblocks. At the end of the day you will walk out with a completed, ready-to-execute plan. Completed Plan in One Day     checkmark
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