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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that we think you'll ask. If we didn't answer your question here, please Contact Us.

How big is your team?

Volacci is a different kind of agency! We only retain CMOs, not technicians or designers. This keeps our headcount very low (less than 10!). We have a deep bench of reliable vendors that we bring in to handle specific tasks when needed. Our select vendors are usually retained directly by your company at pre-negotiated, agency-discounted rates.

How should I budget for this?

For established companies, we frequently find more savings in your marketing budget than we spend. This means that marketing as a percent of revenue remains stable initially and decreases over time. Evaluating and replacing one underperforming initiative with a best-in-class strategy can transform your ROI and company. Please contact us for a more robust discussion on this topic!

What kind of industries do you work with?

We've worked with many different types of companies–see our testimonials on the home page or read our case studies. Currently, we are focusing on Health Tech Startups, Home Services Companies (plumbers, electricians, etc.), and B2B Financial Services.

Can I get a quote for a custom package?

After many years of trying to make custom packages work, we've realized that our customers are best served when we can deliver our full fractional CMO offerings without reservation. We know what works and we can deliver our best outcomes within the framework of a full engagement.

What is the typical timeline?

Most companies start with a Marketing Summit and then move forward from there. The Summit takes about 3-6 weeks of prep, meeting, and strategy planning. For Fractional CMO and Advisory, it starts right away. Expect significant improvement in the first quarter.

Do you guarantee marketing results?

Yes. Because every company is different in where they start, what resources they have available, and revenue outcomes required, we do not have a standard one-size-fits-all guarantee. Please let us know if you require one.