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What is a Volacci Fractional CMO?

A Volacci Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is a part-time member of your executive team who has the primary responsibility of driving revenue by increasing sales through marketing activities.
He will:

  • Identify your growth goals and objectives,
  • Discover what's working and what isn't,
  • Create your marketing strategy and plan,
  • Install marketing systems and processes,
  • Build and lead a high-performing marketing team, and
  • Adjust for continuous growth and improvement.

In short, a Volacci Fractional CMO will make your marketing department a reliable asset, consistently and profitably generating revenue and meeting company growth goals.

That's what we do for companies like yours.

We'd love to help you reach new heights with marketing that gets results.

James Foster is a marketing innovator and CMO in the Health Tech space. Over 20 years he has enviable streak of successful HealthIT exits with more to come. Read more about James.

A recent success is his work as the CMO of Vivify Health where he built a marketing team and repositioned the company to sell to hospital health systems and payers. He helped increase revenue by 50% in 12 months priming Vivify Health for a successful exit.

Read more about James.

Does your HealthTech company need a Volacci Chief Marketing Officer?
Consider these symptoms, common to our customers before they hire their Volacci Fractional CMO.

Is your message not resonating?

Symptom: You're not getting the right kind of leads.
You're doing marketing activities but your prospects aren't listening or entering your sales pipeline.
Solution: A CMO Who Knows Your Audience
Our HealthTech CMOs focus your messaging so that it resonates with your audience and creates a bond with your solution.
Are you spending too much on underperforming ads?
Symptom: Ad spend out of control.
71% of people say it's important that they recognize a brand before they make a purchase.
Solution: Lead with Positioning
A combined tactic across content marketing, PR, advertising, and healthcare events will drive brand recognition and ultimately lead to positive sales growth.
Do you know where your leads and prospects come from?
Icon of a stressed person in front of a clock signifying a lack of time.
Symptom: Missed opportunities, missed sales
There is a disconnect between marketing and sales–both tools and people–so deals fall through the cracks.
Solution: A CMO to build the right tech stack and team
A Volacci CMO ties marketing and sales to a common goal: have great meetings.
Is the sales team stuck in the lobby?
A computer screen with a bill and a question mark.
Symptom: You can't get past the gatekeepers.
Your prospects are "too busy" for your meeting.
Solution: A CMO who breaks down barriers to great meetings with decision makers.
A Volacci CMO will use the right approach to get your message in front of top decision makers.

Our amazing customers

"Our Volacci CMO Ben has been a game changer for us."

"Our Volacci CMO Ben has been a game changer for us. He's dramatically increased our growth trajectory without increasing our marketing spend. We're on track for explosive growth year-over-year."

Small headshot of Louis Natale, Founder of Proven Plumbing.
Louis Natale
Owner, Proven Plumbing
12 Vans (and growing)

"They have always delivered the results they promised!"

"Volacci takes care of all our [marketing] needs. They have always delivered the results they promised!"

Headshot of Johnny Kubala, Yeti Coolers.
Johnny Kubala
Employee #1, Yeti Coolers

"[Volacci] delivered results within an aggressive timeframe..."

"Working with Volacci...was an absolute pleasure. They delivered results within an aggressive timeframe and budget, and I wouldn’t think twice about working with them again, or recommending them to my colleagues."

Headshot of Paul Maiorana, CEO of WooCommerce.
Paul Maiorana
CEO, WooCommerce
(formerly CTO, Fast Company)

"Volacci played a key role..."

"Volacci played a key role in Oracle Taleo's digital strategy, helping us to increase our organic search by over 10% quarter over quarter and our conversion rates by over 70%."

Wendy Schott headshot
Wendy Schott
Sr. Director of Digital Marketing, Oracle

"If there is a problem, Volacci has a solution."

"Working with Volacci...has been a great experience. Not only do we trust them as experts, but they have effectively and creatively worked with our marketing team to drive traffic, leads, and revenue for our brand. If there is a problem, Volacci has a solution."

John Hingley headshot.
John Hingley
Founder & Board Member, Vertical Response

"Our four-year relationship...has been very beneficial."

Volacci's guidance and assistance in helping us migrate our website to a new Content Management System was invaluable. Their SEO expertise, attention to detail, and careful oversight was very instrumental in our successful migration. Our four-year relationship with Volacci has been very beneficial to our online marketing efforts.

Eric Butterwick head shot.
Eric Butterwick
Marketing Communications Manager, ARROW S3

The Benefits of Having a Volacci Fractional CMO in Your Plumbing Business

Icon of a blueprint.
Better Strategy

You will have an impactful marketing strategy that meets your goals. With clear objectives and regular check-ins, your marketing machine gets stronger every quarter.

Icon of a workflow.
Better Systems

Your marketing is repeatable, predictable, and easier to manage because you have automations, software, and documented best practices for your team.

Icon of three people in agreement.
Better Team

You have the best employees, freelancers, and agencies working to get the results your business needs. They're aligned with your strategy and focused on success.

Icon of a report.
Better Decisions

You make decisions based on data, not on gut feelings. Analytics tells you what's working and what isn't. You use budgets as a lever for purposeful, profitable growth.

We've Helped These Top Brands
Get Excellent Marketing Results

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and 100s more of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

Case Studies

Not convinced? Take a look at some of our case studies

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"Volacci has always delivered the results they promised!"
Johnny Kubala
Yeti Coolers

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