e-MDs’ Conversion Rate Jumped 419%, Massively Lowering Average Cost Per Lead

"Having them as a partner...brought in a considerable amount of leads at a critical time."

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Project Timeline



Increased in ROI revenue

e-MDs’ Conversion Rate Jumped 419%, Massively Lowering Average Cost Per Lead

Project Overview

e-MDs offers a host of affordable solutions for physicians with the latest in practice management and Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR) technology. e-MDs is operated by physicians, medical specialists, and programmers who leverage their medical and information technology experience to deliver clinical and functional tools doctors need.

Situation: Overwhelmed Staff; Limited Growth Outcomes

E-MDs was struggling with a limited internal marketing team, a lead-generation strategy that was not meeting growth goals, and an unsustainable cost per lead.

They were seeking leadership and expertise to build a lead generation engine that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.com and customer support systems.

Project Execution

The market was growing quickly but advertising costs were out of control. The sales team needed more leads to meet sales goals but there were limited tracking of lead sources. There was little clarity on where to spend more budget to increase lead flow. A Volacci audit found that ad spend was unfocused.

Volacci first took steps to understand the market and competition and quickly created a strategy to reduce overall spend while exploiting the weakness in the marketing of competing products.

By focusing on highly relevant marketing strategy, e-MDs saw a significant increase in relevant site traffic.



Volacci quickly solved an ad spend crisis, reducing spend by 1/3 and cost per lead by 61%. They worked with staff to build a sustainable marketing and lead generation machine, tracking revenue from ad spend to Salesforce.com prospect and ultimately top line revenue growth. Full visibility into the true ROI of each campaign led to sustained efficiency and growth.


“Volacci demonstrated an excellent ability to think outside the box and implement creative and effective new methods.They crafted a more targeted and effective digital marketing strategy that increased our lead generation. Having them as a partner streamlined our focus and brought in a considerable amount of leads at a critical time.”

James Foster
Marketing Manager, e-MDs

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