Drupal SEO Checklist Module, Version 3

The Drupal SEO Checklist module, sponsored by Volacci, is basis for the highly successful suite of modules recommended in the book by Ben Finklea, Volacci CEO, entitled "Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization." Drupal has many contributed modules (plug-ins) and built-in features that enhance the content and performance of a website with respect to search engines.

The SEO Checklist recommends modules that present and organize content, answering the right search query and keeping users engaged on your website. In addition, the SEO Checklist provides extra help in the form of page number references to Ben's book. These page references provide direct, cookbook instructions for configuring each module for maximum result.

On May 18, Volacci released Version 3 of the Drupal SEO Checklist Module which adds more that a dozen recommendations, minor fixes, and updates that relate to changes from search leaders Google and Microsoft (Bing.com). A usability enhancement, integration with the Vertical Tabs module, simplifies user selections in the interface. Upgrade is easy from Version 2.

Download the module here: http://drupal.org/project/seo_checklist
Follow these simple instructions for installing and using the module.