10 Drupal-Built Sites You May Have (Not) Known About

2009 has truly been a year of Drupal. From Whitehouse.gov to the advertising incident with Microsoft, Drupal has come along way since last January. And, in the end, Drupal comes out a winner. Here is a look back at 10 websites that have made Drupal their platform of the future.

1. Monty Python

There are too many great quotes to use here that almost don’t even want to go there. One of our offices’ favorite comedic performers, Monty Python, is now using Drupal! Check it out at http://pythononline.com. It is a great example of a Drupal community and it has HUGE... tracks of land!


MTV UK is now Drupal-based and continues to host news and information for their broadcast channels. Check it out at http://www.mtv.co.uk/. This website also acts as a front-end for MTV Flux, a social networking site that lets MTV viewers interact with MTV and other users.

3. Pearl Jam

One of the quintessential bands of the 1990’s, Pearl Jam, relaunched its official band website using Drupal. Check it out at http://www.pearljam.com and get ready to ROCK!

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Dries Buytaert Rides the Whale

I was in New Orleans at Do it With Drupal (DIWD) this week, the premier Drupal training event put on each year by Lullabot. One of the great things about this event is that some of the biggest names in Drupal come out to teach, train, and interact with the community.

One of them is Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal. One thing that can be said for Dries, he is willing to try anything. And I mean ANYTHING.

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Drupal’s Custom Breadcrumbs 2 Module Maximizes Your Online Path

Google recently rolled out a new feature that displays site hierarchies at the bottom of each search result. In case you missed it, check out our blog post from last week, Google Eats Drupal Breadcrumbs, Passes on Pie Normally, you would see a green URL below the link and link text that shows you where you are headed, but the green URL has now been replaced with a hierarchy that shows the precise location of the page on the website.

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Three Essential Drupal Modules For E-Commerce Sites

The spending season is upon us and every e-commerce site should be humming with holiday-hungry visitors. Drupal-powered sites have many opportunities to maximize their seasonal revenue by fine-tuning their core installation with a few excellent modules. Many Drupal e-commerce sites may already utilize one or two of these Drupal modules, but if all three are configured and installed, you will be optimizing your holiday profits. Here are three essential Drupal modules for e-commerce sites.


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Google Eats Drupal Breadcrumbs, Passes on Pie

When you use Google to search there is a green web address, or URL, at the bottom of each result so that you know where you are headed. Last week, Google rolled out a new feature that replaces the URL in search results with a site hierarchy, showing the precise location of the page on the website. The new feature: site hierarchy, or site navigation “breadcrumbs” gives a lot more information then the URL paths that were displayed before the update.

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How to Increase Drupal Site Speed

Google is making some buzz in the SEO circles with their new “Caffeine” project performing well in beta and set to hit the inter-waves early next year. Caffeine will introduce fresh algorithms that switch up the equation of ranking. Although, I do not know what the spiders’ new favorite meals will be, I do know that one factor in your ranking will be how quickly a web pages load on your site.

If you are running a Drupal site, hopefully you have sped it up using all the built-in Drupal options. But that may not be enough for Caffeine’s standards, so you will need to solve that problem. Here are five additional things you can do to accelerate your Drupal-clean site speed from running to sprinting.

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How to Activate Syndication on Drupal Sites

One of the coolest things about RSS in Drupal is that you never need to worry about creating the feeds yourself. Almost any list of nodes in Drupal has an RSS feed associated with it. Your homepage automatically has an RSS feed, as well as any category pages you create. Even pages created with the Views module have RSS feeds. The trick is that all of these RSS feeds are hidden from view. And if your visitors can’t see then, then they can’t subscribe to your content.

Luckily, there is a sweet module that helps you show your RSS feeds to your visitors. It’s called Syndication, and it’s another fine module from Moshe Weitzman. Here is how you set it up:

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Drupal Modules that Scream Halloween

The holiday of Halloween has a very long history, deriving from the ancient Celtic festival Samhain. It was believed that on October 31st, the boundary between the world of the living and the dead blurred and dissolved, and the dead returned to earth to spread sickness and damage crops. The living would wear animal heads, skins, masks and costumes to pacify these evil spirits. The festival frequently involved bonfires into which the bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown in as sacrifices to the deities.

In the millennia that has passed the holiday is still going strong, but has evolved along with society. Pop culture icons are now included in the costume mix. (Anyone’s daughter going as Lady GaGa?) Candy is now sacrificed to the child-like deities, instead of slaughtered meat (see Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner). But one thing hasn’t change much, and that is the obsession with the blood and gore of death. Scary horror movies plague the theaters and cable all month long and costumes have grown more realistic as craftiness catches up with the imagination.

As an avid Drupal evangelist, I couldn’t help but ponder how I could contribute to the community in any way “Halloween”. Luckily, the community has done most of the work for me. Here are the top 20 Drupal Modules that SCREEEEEEEEEEAM Halloween:

20. Bad Behavior

Halloween is one of the few holidays that most people tend to let loose and it’s OK to act a little bad. Bed times are non-existent. Kids everywhere are hopped up on candy corn and Red Hots. And I won’t even start in on the female costumes these days. Available for Drupal 6, Bad Behavior is a Drupal module that prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profile from known spambots.

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