Taxonomy Meta Tags For Drupal Sites

Taxonomy Meta Tags For Drupal Sites

Taxonomy is a very broad kind of content on your Drupal site, so it is a good idea to use broad keywords for meta tags.

Once you have your Meta tags module installed and configured on your Drupal site, you will want to specify meta tags for all your current and future content.

Taxonomy is a very broad kind of content on your Drupal site, so it is a good idea to use broad, category-like keywords for your meta tags. Simply put, it is how you classify content in Drupal. Many Drupal sites’ first taxonomy is category.

You can also have subcategories of Taxonomy called terms, and terms will have subterms, and so on. It is very easy in Drupal to see all your content in a certain category just by visiting the taxonomy list for a specific term.

The URL for a taxonomy list will be something like this:

Here is a quick tutorial on how to edit or add taxonomy meta tag categories, terms and subterms in Drupal:

  1. Go to your Administer | Content Management | Taxonomy page.
  2. If you want to edit an existing vocabulary, click edit vocabulary next to the one you’d like to edit. If you want to create a new one, click add vocabulary.
  3. Enter in all the details you want in the fields. Enter the description in the Description field and the keywords in the Keywords field, which you want for taxonomy.
  4. This one is very important. Click Save. You can do this for each taxonomy term as well.

Since terms are more specific kind of content on your website, you can use specific categories for keywords.

  1. Go to the Taxonomy page again and click on List. You should see a list of your terms.
  2. Click on the edit link. You will see the meta tags fields listed near the bottom. Enter your meta tags into the fields provided.
  3. Finally, click Save.

This should give you a great start on the taxonomy for your site. It will help your site’s SEO and help the content management stay clean and tidy. For more help like this, check out Drupal 8 SEO and learn more best practices of Drupal SEO.

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 Taxonomy Meta Tags For Drupal Sites