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Drupal SEO’s Swiss Army Knife: Drush

One of the reasons I love Drupal so much is the constant stream of new and updated ways to make my Drupal website and life that much easier. One of the best kept secrets in the Drupal community is Drush, which is short for “DRUpal SHell”. Drush is a command line interface for Drupal that prides itself as the proverbial “swiss army knife” for Drupal developers. This module will improve the workflow for any user by eliminating several steps for each Drupal command. If there is a commonly used task that involves several clicks for a Drupal site, Drush will have a command that shortens the process. This only makes search engine optimization for your Drupal website more efficient.

Drupal’s Competition Stiffens with WordPress 2.8

Last week the much anticipated new version of WordPress (version 2.8) was released for download. Many webmasters, bloggers and CMS fans alike have come to expect great things out of the seasoned system, so the expectations were high. According to the earliest reports, WordPress 2.8 not only lives up to the hype, it presents some stiff competition for Volacci’s favorite platform, Drupal.