Set up Cron

Drupal seo checklist module has easy install and configuration

Cron is a system built into your server that runs maintenance tasks on a regular basis. The Drupal cron tasks maintain and clean up your Drupal site. It does things like check for updates, index content, and rebuild XML sitemaps.

  1. Click Configuration > System > Cron (Coffee: “cron”) or visit https://<>/admin/config/system/cron in your browser.

    Drupal Cron configuration page
  2. Within the Cron settings box:
    • Make sure the check box next to Detailed cron logging is selected.
    • Set Run cron every to “3 hours”. You can set this to be more frequent or less frequent depending on how often you update your website.
  3. Click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page.

Now your XML sitemap (and anything else that uses Cron) will stay up to date with your site content. To view your new XML sitemap, visit https:///<>/sitemap.xml.