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About the Metatag module

The Drupal Metatag module allows you to set up Drupal to dynamically provide title tags and structured metadata, aka meta tags, on each page of your site.

what meta tags look like in web code

Giving you control over your HTML title tag is the most important thing that the Metatag module does for SEO. That all-important tag is critical to your search engine ranking.

Note: It may be confusing that the Title Tag functionality resides within the Metatag module, but it makes sense from a technical standpoint. Both the HTML title tag and meta tags are placed in the header of a web page. By handling them both in the Metatag module, it requires less code and enables (slightly) faster rendering of your web pages.

Besides handling the title tag, the Metatag module programmatically creates meta tags for your website. Meta tags are snippets of text that tell a search engine about your pages. Meta tags help your SEO by communicating clearly to the search engine and social networks what each page on your website is about and how you want them to describe it in the search results. If you don’t do this, you will have to rely on the search engines to identify and classify your content. While they’re kind of good at this, it’s important enough that you don’t want to leave it to chance.

Global meta tag suggestion screenshot

Because the Metatag module is so important, and there are many nuances to configuration, the documentation on this module is rather extensive (34 printed pages). For this reason, we have created a free download that you can use to follow along to install, enable, and configure with the same base settings Volacci uses for all our clients.

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