Be Efficient

Becoming skilled in Drupal and SEO is a lot more fun if it’s fast and easy to find the settings pages that you need when you need them. Installing and setting up just a few helper modules can make a big difference in the enjoyment and efficiency of this process.

This section is about some helper modules that will make you more efficient. We install them on most Drupal sites that we work on.

Module Filter

One of the handiest modules that moved from Contrib into Drupal Core is the Module Filter module. This module adds a filter to the Extend section of Drupal admin and allows you to quickly find the Core and Contrib modules installed on your site.

When you go to Extend, you’ll see a Filter field that says “Filter by name or description” under it.

This easily-missed field saves a lot of time when installing, enabling, and uninstalling modules. If you’ve recently installed a module but haven’t turned it on yet, use the module filter to narrow your choices and find the new module you’re looking for.

Begin typing the name of the module into the field and Drupal will display any modules that match:

drupal module filter example

To enable a module, select the checkbox next to it and click the blue Install button. Drupal installs the module and you get the functionality that the module provides.