How to Add Meta Tag Fields to Your Content Types in Drupal

So you have your Meta tag module installed and all the default meta tags configured. However, you still need to tweak the meta tags for a specific page, but the meta tag fields aren't showing up in the edit interface. Here's how to get those to show up for the various content types.

  1. Go to Manage > Structure > Content Types. This displays the Content types listing page.

  2. Click the Manage fields button next to the content type to which you would like to add meta tag fields to. This displays the Manage fields page for that content type.

  3. Your page will likely have a few more fields on it. Search through this field listing to make sure the meta tags are not already there.
  4. Click the +Add field button at the top of the list. This will display the Add field page.

  5. From the Re-use an existing field drop down box, select Meta tags (field_metatags). Leave the Label field as is.
  6. Click the Save and Continue button.

    NOTE: If this field does not exist within the Re-use an existing field drop down box, you probably need to install or enable the Metatag Module.

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