The Easy Breadcrumb Module

the drupal easy breadcrumb module is easy to install and configure

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About the Easy Breadcrumb module

The Drupal Easy Breadcrumb module uses the current URL (path alias) and the current node title to automatically create navigable breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs are those essential navigational elements that show visitors where they are on a website. They look something like this:

how breadcrumbs appear on a web page

Breadcrumbs help your SEO by revealing the hierarchy in your content. Google loves hierarchy because it helps them understand your content. Visitors love hierarchy, too, because it helps them figure out your site’s organizational structure.

Install and Enable the Easy Breadcrumb Module

  1. Install the Easy Breadcrumb module on your server. (See this section for more instructions on installing modules.)

    drupal easy breadcrumbs module installation
  2. Go to the Extend page: Click Extend (Coffee: “extend”) or visit in your browser.
  3. Select the checkbox next to “Easy Breadcrumb” and click the Install button at the bottom of the page.

There are no separate permissions required for the Easy Breadcrumb module.

Configure the Easy Breadcrumb module

  1. Click Configuration > User Interface > Easy Breadcrumb (Coffee: “breadcrumb”) or visit in your browser.

    drupal easy breadcrumbs module configuration
  2. In the General Settings section, select the following check boxes:
    1. "Applies to administration pages"
    2. "Include the current page as a segment in the breadcrumb."
    3. "Remove repeated identical segments"
    4. "Include the front page as a segment in the breadcrumb."
    5. "Use the real page title when available"
  3. In the Title for the front page segment in the breadcrumb field, you may want to consider entering something more descriptive than “Home”. You could use your company name (or an abbreviation, if the name is very long) or experiment with using a keyword that describes your website, service, or product.
  4. Unless you have a reason to change them, leave all settings in the Advanced Settings section at their default.

    drupal easy breadrumbs advanced settings screen
  5. Click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page.


The Easy Breadcrumb module builds the breadcrumbs from the current page’s path. That is, each "/" becomes a part of the breadcrumb. The first breadcrumb comes from the Easy Breadcrumb configuration page while the title of the node becomes the last breadcrumb.

how breadcrumbs compare to your URL pathing


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