Drupal SEO Basics

"Go pick me out a winner, Bobby."
Roy Hobbs

IN THE SIMPLICITY OF THAT famous line from the movie "The Natural," it is perhaps easy to forget the hours spent creating the unique bat that Bobby handed to Roy Hobbs in the last game of the movie. Earlier, the two worked together to select the lumber, cut out the shape, sand, and seal it.

URLs and paths lay the groundwork for many other aspects of SEO. They're the hardest thing to change once they're set, so it's important to get them right from the beginning. They're powerful enough to turn a good site into a great one.

In the next several sections we're going to "pick out a winner" by optimizing your site's URLs, setting up redirects, creating Pathauto patterns for keyword-rich paths, then move on to cover more of those basics including the all-important Metatag module and the Hreflang module.