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the drupal coffee module is easy to install and configure

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About the Coffee Module

The Drupal Coffee module is the fastest way to get to any admin screen in Drupal. As you SEO your Drupal site, you will spend a lot of time jumping into admin to change a setting or check on updates. You’ll have to go through menu navigation if you don’t have the Coffee module. That’s fine, but sometimes it’s hard to remember where every single setting is in the Admin Menu.

With the Coffee module installed, you can type ALT-D on your keyboard (Option-D for macOS) to have a text field pop up. Start typing into this field and the Coffee module will show you the admin menu items that match. Press the Enter key to select the first item or use the arrow keys to select a different item and press the Enter key to go directly to the admin page that you want.

Tip: Throughout this guide, you’ll see us present Coffee shortcuts when appropriate. For example, when we mention Coffee: "extend", then you’ll hit your Coffee shortcut keystroke (typically Alt-D or Option-D) and type "extend".

Install and Enable the Coffee Module

  1. Install the Coffee module on your server. (See this section for more instructions on installing modules.)
  2. Go to the Extend page: Click Extend (Coffee: "extend") or visit https://<>/admin/modules.

    drupal coffee module installation screenshot
  3. Select the checkbox next to "Coffee" and click the Install button at the bottom of the page.

Permissions for the Coffee Module

If necessary, give yourself permissions to use the Coffee module.

  1. Click People (Coffee: "people") and click on the Permissions tab. https://<>/admin/people/permissions.

    drupal coffee module permissions screenswhot
  2. Select the appropriate checkboxes for:
    • "Access Coffee"
    • "Administer Coffee"
  3. Click the Save permissions button at the bottom of the page.

Configure the Coffee module

  1. Go to the Coffee admin page: Click Configuration > User Interface > Coffee (Coffee: "coffee") or visit https://<>/admin/config/user- interface/coffee.

    drupal coffee module configuration screenshot
  2. Select the checkbox next to any additional menus that you want to include in the Coffee interface. We typically include them all, but if it starts getting cluttered, then you can take them out later.
  3. Click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page.

Using the Coffee Module

  1. To access the Coffee interface, click the following key combination based upon your computer type:

         PC: alt+D (or alt+K)
         Mac: opt+D
  2. Start typing the name of the Drupal admin section you are looking for. For example, if you are trying to get to the Metatag settings interface, you would start typing "metatags" -- entering the first few letters will normally bring up what you're looking for, but can also provide other related settings as well.

    Drupal coffee module search field interface
  3. Click the appropriate result item to take you where you want to go. In our example, you could click on the entry titled "Metatag".

Once you are familiar with the different admin sections, the Coffee module can get you where you need to go far faster than by using the administrative menu.


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