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SEO Tips That Will Bump You Up

hans_franz_0.jpgIn recessionary times pants fit a little tighter, there is less creamer in the break room, and you may be balancing the budget on the edge of your desk. That is an optimistic day for some people, when accountability is buzzing around the office like a bee on a pollen binge. There are ways to optimize your site and increase your conversion rates without having to drop the bucks on a fancy new application or economic advisor. These tips are often overlooked when it comes to redefining your site for search engine optimization and higher rankings, so it never hurts to have a refresher. I might not be Hans and Franz, but I’m about to BUMP (clap) YOU UP!

Search engine spiders, and humans, prefer easy-to-navigate sites with an understanding on where to find information on your site. You should provide clear pathways to all the pages on your site. By eliminating these navigation barriers, you are creating essential “findability”. Create an XML site map for the spiders and a user-friendly map for the humans. These maps provide clear and specific guidance to what exists on your site, and tell the spiders how often you update it. This will bump (clap) you up.

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