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Are You SEO-Ready For The Holiday Season?

In a year that almost every business is up against the ropes, it is never too early to prepare for the holiday season. It’s a time to be thankful that our businesses are still operating, but the stress of a less than joyous bottom line is discerning. While everyone holds their proverbial breaths through Q4, it’s time to set in motion your holiday marketing blitz. Search and SEO needs to be part of the advertising equation, no matter the size of your business. Here are five quick tips to prepare your website for the online holiday season.

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404 Errors Explained

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be an intricate process. That means the little things matter and they can matter quite a bit. One of the little things that can drive traffic away from your site faster than Mark Martin in the Sprint Cup is 404 errors. It is very important that you check your 404 error pages on your website, no matter how fine-tuned you feel your site is. No sure what a 404 error is? Here is an explanation of 404 errors, why they are important, and what you can do to customize it.

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11 Quick SEO Tips

Whether it be the waitress from staff breakfast or the boss’ fantasy football draft notes, everyone could use a good tip. Here are 11 quick SEO tips that can be cashed at the online ‘Bank of Rankings’, no thumbprint required.

1. Keep your content fresh. Adding new and useful content to your website on a regular basis keeps your site relevant and informative for its visitors and the search engines.

2. Use keywords and phrases in link text. Also use them appropriately in image ALT attributes, title tags and, if possible, in your domain name.

3. Link with quality, not quantity. One single, authoritative link will do more for your ranking than ten links poor in quality.

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SEO For E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce web sites are one of the various niches turning to SEO for more relevant traffic and higher conversions. The three primary areas of SEO emphasis for e-commerce sites are content, linking, and infrastructure. Focusing on these areas will help any e-commerce site improve its online presence and turn it into a lucrative venture. Let’s take a look at these three areas of SEO focus and how best to implement them online.

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SEO Tips For Site Redesign - Part 2

Yesterday we discussed how redesigning a website can be very tedious, time-consuming and, if not done properly, outrageously frustrating. Despite all the SEO “mojo” you had coming into the process, if you don’t stay on top of the redesign, you could lose it all.

Tips we covered yesterday included how each unique page on your site redesign should have a single, canonical URL. This makes it incredibly easy for search engines to crawl and index your site while avoiding a duplicate content violation. We also discussed links and how they provide the ability to crawl a site, passing link popularity and keyword signals on to the search engines and their SEO-hungry spiders. Here are a few more SEO tips for site redesign.

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SEO Tips For Site Redesign - Part 1

Throughout the life cycle of a company’s website, there may be a redesign process or two that occurs. This is a very important time for a company, especially for those who want to safeguard all their SEO efforts and not skip a beat in their natural rankings, traffic and conversions. There are many different decisions that can influence the SEO from the earliest stages through launch that make it difficult to identify the best method possible. Any form of business, technology, navigational, content, design, or coding decisions can make or break the site redesign and its overall SEO. It is important that you ensure that SEO best practices are being implemented into your site during this process. Here are tips that will make sure your site doesn’t drop off into an oblivion.

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SEO Tips For Bing

By now I hope that you have checked out Bing and how it may or may not return significantly different results than the almighty Google, especially in the context of your own ranking results. Since Bing still has a lingering “new car smell”, many may wonder if there is a difference in how you should be going about optimizing a website for the search engine. Because Bing is in the early stages of its life cycle and the impending changes with Yahoo! in the near future, it is a very difficult to cast a wide net of mandatory implementations. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to work your way up to the Bing’s front page. Here are five tips to getting ranked well.

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Flash Isn’t SEO’s Best Friend

A tempting method to draw traffic to your site is to load it with graphic animations to catch the eye and attention of a potential conversion. But just like in the game life, beauty doesn’t always prevail. A large number of businesses make the simple mistake of over-utilizing Flash on their site because web design companies have sold them on it. Despite what they may have said, a Flash site may look cool, but it can work against you if you are out to make money online.

For those who are unfamiliar with Flash, it is a software program that can create special effects and animation to spice up your site. There are some websites that use minimal Flash and do well, but other websites are significantly, or completely, build in Flash. This is bad for your SEO for many reasons:

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Optimizing Images For Search

When websites are being updated and optimized for search engines, certain elements are often times overlooked or ignored, resulting in missed opportunities and lower search rankings. By now, you have probably heard a ga-zillion times about using keywords strategically throughout your content, titles, and tags; but are you using them for your images? Despite the fact that Google has its own search domain for images, paying more attention to naming and additional tags for images will make a big difference in search referred traffic. Here are a few pointers that may make your image much more popular.

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Six Signs of a Bad SEO Company

salesman_0.jpgFor every action there is a reaction. There is also a motivation, or reason, behind every action. In business, actions that have negative reactions are usually costing that business money and, unfortunately is costing their clients as well. In our current international climate, everyone is experiencing firsthand the consequences of bad actions, despite their foresight. Bad business is a virus that our country needs to shake off, and it’s going to take accountability and smart decision-making for us to help ourselves and each other out of this mess. A good first step in doing so is to do your research and know the signs of bad business. The SEO industry is no different. There are agencies out there that are implementing black hat SEO that can ruin your online presence and lack practical, professional strategies. Here are six signs that will prevent you from choosing the wrong SEO company.

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