Website Traffic Trends: Three Tips To Beat the Summer Traffic Woes

The summertime brings warm weather, vacations, beach days, and BBQ. Combined, all of the above could spell disaster for your website traffic, leads, and sales. These three tips may help you mitigate the loss:

1. Write Timely Content: 

There are several holidays and many major events that are held every summer. Write content, whether that is a blog, article, or white paper that tie in key summertime events and motifs such as major holidays, vacations, and high temperatures.  How about “7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Snowblower in July,” “The 3 Secrets To A Great Fourth of July BBQ,” or “Why You Need a New LCD TV for the Summer Olympics.” Now I don’t know why you’d ever want to buy a snowblower in July, but I’m certainly curious to find out! Eye catching titles can increase your readership and create new traffic.

2. Adjust Your PPC Campaigns: 

The summer can bring some interesting traffic phenomena. With school out and vacation time, Internet browsing habits change. Make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your day parting settings. 

Use the Adwords Keyword Tool to see if you can spot any interesting summer related keywords that you may be able to utilize in your PPC campaign. Don’t stop there though, make sure that you change your landing pages and display ads accordingly to best reflect that summer vibe. 

3. Offer Summertime Promotions: 

There is a reason why every retail store under the sun offers summertime discounts -- they work.

Offer a promotion such as a contest or discount. Get creative, a promotion doesn’t have to be a discount. You can utilize a summertime promotion to help drive customers to your Facebook Fan page or increase the number of followers of your Twitter account. If possible, get your customers involved. You’d be amazed at what people will do for a chance to win an iPad.

Take Summer Back

Staying proactive is key to taking advantage of summer trends. Continue to be forward thinking to find the next new opportunity. You never know when the next holiday or vacation might lead to a big sale. 

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Seven Holiday Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Websites

Cyber Monday is the busiest shopping day on the Internet. People flock to search engines and salivate over deals like it's turkey time all over again. But just because you run an e-commerce site doesn't guarantee instant success on this day of dollar slinging deals and credit card-wielding web searchers.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Quality Score Right Now

If you’re like me you like to make big changes in the least amount of time possible. Call it being lazy, call it being efficient, either way all our clients really care about are results. Now, keeping true to my premise let’s get this party started.

Rework the Landing Page Copy

Look at your landing page, now at your AdWords campaign, back at your landing page, back at your AdWords campaign. Now seriously, ask yourself how relevant is my landing page to my AdWords campaign and visa versa?

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New AdWords Metric: “Estimated Top Impressions” Helps You Increase "Top" Rankings

In a paid search advertising campaign, there two main places your ad can appear in Google: in the right column with the rest of the paid ads and on top of the page just above the organic search results. As you may imagine, the paid ads that appear on top of the organic search results receive higher visibility and more impressions than their competition in the right hand column.

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How Google Instant Will Help Your SEO and PPC

Ever since Google Instant slipped into your browser overnight, it seems everybody is freaking out about it. Some experts are saying that, with Google Instant, “SEO is dead”, while other crystal ballers predict that Instant will make SEO irrelevant overtime, much like Brandon Fraser’s acting career after The Mummy. Furthermore, there are the folks on the complete other side of the teeter-tooter that are waving it off as nonsense. “I like your style, dude.”

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The Benefits of PPC

PPC, Pay-Per-Click, Paid Search – whatever you want to call it – provides your online marketing campaign the flexibility and connectivity that most other initiatives cannot. There are many benefits of a PPC campaign, especially when your business (and the entire globe) are battling through a recession.

PPC is simple. You author up a short ad and choose what keyword(s) you want to be listed for in the search engines. Once someone queries your keyword in the search engine, your sponsored ad will pop up. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay the search engine for that traffic. An eye for an eye, as they say all too often. This form of advertising is more prominent than normal search results. Here are a few more benefits of PPC that may intrigue you to begin.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Invest In PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or Paid Search, accounts for roughly 50 percent of all digital advertising spending these days. But believe it or not, many companies have failed to invest, leaving tons of PPC potential on the table. What’s holding them back, too much already invested in organic search? Afraid of myths about click fraud? Over-saturated market? Whatever your reason, shove it in a bag and bury it under your tool shed. Here are five reasons why you should invest in PPC.

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PPC Campaign Metrics

When it comes to Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Volacci uses a variety of metrics in order to deliver quantitative data for all those number-hungry clients. We apply these standard metrics to your campaign: cost per click, cost per conversion/acquisition, total spent, number of impressions, and number of clicks. With these numbers, we can get a good idea of how well your site is performing with constant, up-to-the-minute updates so that you can see how well your new keyword terms are performing or if your new homepage is doing well.

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