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Will Google’s Integrity be Compromised?

With the recent $3.1 billion deal between Google and DoubleClick, an online advertising firm, some are questioning the future of Google’s integrity. Performics, a division of DoubleClick, provides SEO in order to help clients get better rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and AOL. Will Google cave in to the pressures of internal conflict?

“Google is treading in dangerous waters right now,” writes Ross Dunn of Google’s search results “are supposed to be unbiased and highly relevant,” but with Performics, “Google is put into the conflicted position of trying to generate profits by providing result-oriented organic ranking services for its own ‘unbiased’ organic search results.”

Most people believe that Google’s reputation for quality search engine results will eventually lead them to sell off this part of the company. But for now, the future of Google still remains unclear.

For details on this recent acquisition, visit this recent NY Times article entitled, “The Pangs of Two Becoming One.”