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To Follow or Not To Follow...

That is the question I get from (too) many people who want to build backlinks from their website to other sites. “Should I add a ‘rel=”no follow” attribute to the HTML anchor tag or should I leave it out and, thus, follow it?”

This is certainly a decision you need to able to make when building links to your site. There are several different scenarios that can play out, so let’s take a look at the decision from the perspective of the search engines and how it can potentially affect your site’s rankings.

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How to Link Build on Facebook

If you are running a social media optimization campaign, one of your primary objectives is to post and distribute your site’s links via social profiles. Facebook is a wonderful platform for posting links and, after building your profile, you can send links out for exposure in the conversation cloud of the social web. This is an ideal way to increase your blog’s RSS feed, increase your website’s traffic, and, ultimately your brand awareness.

There are many advantages to using Facebook for social link building. Let’s start basic and work our way through it, because no one want’s to pull a mental muscle today (even the vikings understood the importance of stretching). Stimulating brain food after the jump...

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Five Signs of a Great Link Builder

Whether you are hiring your own in-house link builder or taking stock in that new SEO firm you are blirting (business flirting), take note that the position requires a dynamic skill set that combines multiple disciplines. There are certain skills that a great link builder possesses and, if they excel in at all of the five skills, the more likely they will be successful at building your SEO. Here are five signs of a great link builder:

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There’s No Shame in One-Way Link Building

Despite what they told you in elementary school, there is no shame in one-way link building. In fact, link building is a very important aspect of any search engine optimization campaign, and one-way links are most essential. A quality link should be effective, efficient, and last longer than swallowed chewing gum.

There used to be a time where reciprocal links were all you needed to get ranked well, but these days it helps to build a quality stable of one-way links for your site. One-way links are harder to track, manage, and sometimes to even initiate, but they get your site ranked higher in a shorter period of time.

Swapping links, in the eyes of Google, is easier to do. Google sees this as you swapping with old college buddies or that guy who bought you a shot at the last conference. But one-way links are people who are your fans, followers, and someone who thinks you are authoritative or who needs to be listened to. There are several ways to develop one-way links without embarrassing yourself or your mother. Here are five examples:

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Link Building Tips for eCommerce Sites

One of the biggest and most common SEO challenges is building links for e-commerce sites. It can be especially difficult for small companies with limited internal support or a small SEO contract to rise to the challenge of online competition for that well-earned dollar. Discouraging may be an understatement. Take a deep breath, because there is hope yet. Here are some tips for small e-commerce sites and their link building SEO efforts.


Ask people in your niche to review your products. You can also send follow up emails to clients asking them for a review of the product they just purchased.

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Link Building: Quality over Quantity

Link building is one of the most important elements in any search engine optimization campaign. Google and all the other search engines judge your web site’s credibility and rank value by how many quality backlinks you have built to your site and its individual pages. Credible, quality backlinks give your site authority and you will rank well in the SERPs. These backlinks need to also be authoritative and relevant to your site’s main subject matter. When building links, quality always trumps quantity.

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The Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to create internet buzz about your business, brand, products, or services and build links to your site. The idea of social bookmarking sites is that the visitors decide what is popular and what is not. If you provide interesting, unique content on your site, you will gain popularity and possibly wind up on the front page of a social bookmarking site, such as Digg. If you do make the front page, you will receive an amazing amount of traffic, which could result in a number of valuable reviews and ratings for your service or product.

Social bookmarking will also generate, if done correctly, a significant amount of links that will benefit your search engine optimization campaign and overall search engine rankings. Even bad reviews are viewed as new content to the search engine spiders. Search engines are looking for new content when they crawl your site. Why not give it to them?

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Whitehat Linkbait

There is a common misperception that link bait is a blackhat technique. There are actually plenty of link bait techniques that are whitehat. Matt Cutts of Google recently covered one such example through a Youtube video that can be seen here. He explains that link bait is just something that people want to link to, like a resource, open source software, a good service, or something that is just creative and interesting.

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Do You Have Too Many Links?

Since the dawn of the SEO Age, the grunting cavemen of online optimization have repetitiously chanted of link building, the proverbial mammoth-hunt for success. It has been passed down from generation to generation of websites, a tradition of know-how to being found. There are many who obsess themselves over how many links they can build onto their site. One of more sane proportions may ask: Is there a significant difference between 50 and 500 links? According to everyone’s favorite Google engineer, Matt Cutts: linking building, like just about everything else, can be done in excess.

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Building Quality Links

chain_0.jpgYou may not be able to go back to your high school reunion and flaunt your site’s link popularity, but you can relish in your high search ranking and visibility during the economic downturn. One of the major factors of a site’s popularity is the number and quality of the links pointing to your website. Link popularity has become one of the most significant techniques of search engine optimization. Which means you cannot have high search rankings and visibility without link popularity these days.

There are considerable points that may be necessary while building links to ensure quality for your site. Directory Listings help in boosting the link popularity because they are known to produce relevant content and are usually edited by humans.. and most online browsers like humans. Also, do not be afraid to request links from some select websites. You may have to send them a convincing reason to link back to your website. They could be interested in building one-way or reciprocal links that are very effective quality link building. You can also promote links within your site, providing incentives for other sites to link to your site.

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