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Google +1 to rival Facebook "Like"

Google is rolling out its new '+1' feature, an immediate relative to the Facebook 'Like' button, which was met with resounding popularity when it was launched last April. Google users will soon be able to click the +1 button to recommend search results to friends and connections. When users 'Like' something on Facebook, the action immediately enters into the News Feed so users can see what their friends are 'Like'ing. When users '+1' a search result, their action is indexed -- placed on a back burner -- and viewed only when their social connections perform the same or a similar search.

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How Google's Caffeine Benefits SEO

The Internet is constantly evolving, and as the Internet goes so must its biggest presence, Google. Google’s latest search engine algorithm revision, codenamed Caffeine, will soon be released and will affect search results and search engine optimization. The expected changes that Caffeine will bring involves faster indexing, a greater overall amount of pages indexed, and more detailed and informative SERPs. These changes will undoubtedly benefit SEO and people who are utilizing the service in their overall marketing initiatives. Let’s look at the three main areas of improvement that Google’s Caffeine brings to your website’s SEO:

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Evolution of Google’s SEO Algorithm

I recently stumbled upon a very insightful and intelligent analysis by Randfish on SEOmozBlog. It was a blog post of his opinion on how Google’s key factors in rankings algorithm have evolved throughout the years. Randfish discusses four different ranking criteria that has been a key factor in SEO since the dawning of the Google: Domain Trust/Authority, Anchor Text in External Links, On-Page Keyword Usage, and Raw PageRank/Link Juice.

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