Content Guide for Mobile Advertising - How to Avoid the “Google Slap”

Mobile advertising is a relatively new phenomenon in world of strategic communications, so it goes as no surprise that some campaigns have recently violated Google’s policy for content guidelines. Known as the “google slap”, this legendary ban is dished out when marketers violate too many rules when using Google’s search engine advertising service: AdWords.

This week in Drupal SEO News: Drupal Powers Video, Lullabot Forms Voltron, and Google’s SEO Report Card

This week I changed my focus with the Volacci SEO blog: fewer posts, deeper thoughts. While there will now be only three posts a week (M/W/F), the posts will be longer, more insightful, and, hopefully, more valuable to you. 
With so much news occurring in and around both the Drupal and SEO communities every day, I want to bring both worlds together in a verbal Venn diagram of sorts each Friday for you to easily digest. And I will call this informational hybrid: This week in Drupal SEO News.

Google’s Super Bowl XLIV Ad: Romanticizing Search (with video evidence)

The Super Bowl is practically a national holiday – a record-shattering 106.5 million people tuning in this year, according to some guy named Nielsen, to watch the New Orleans Saints create NFL history. Over the years, there are just as many people who tune for the big game as they do for the commercials. So it came as no surprise that Google finally took advantage of the exposure and ran their first Super Bowl ad on Sunday. Google’s Super Bowl XLIV ad, appropriately named “Parisian Love”, ran during the third quarter and featured a ‘love story’ highlighting Google’s local search offerings by showing viewers search results. The commercial began with a search for “study abroad paris france” and follows the user through a basic search. The subsequent searches walk the viewer through this user’s life and demonstrates how Google can actually have an effect on everyday life. Google’s very own Eric Schmidt tweeted up some hype for their debut, stating quite appropriately that "hell has indeed frozen over". Watch all 53 seconds of Google's Super Bowl XLIV ad again below:

Google Launches “Commerce Search” Solution

As the holidays quickly approach, more shoppers than ever before will be making their purchases online. Although there are online retailers that are ready for the rush, most Internet swamis agree that online retailers don't dedicate as much resources as they should to optimizing their sites. These retailers are missing out on several key advantages that could make or break their final numbers come January. 
 Google has extended a helping hand with the launch of their newest search solution, Commerce Search, which specializes in crawling online stores to index product price and information. Commerce Search improves “the shopping experience with fast, intuitive Google search technology.” Google has already demo’d Commerce Search for critics, who gave it their thumbs up, raving mostly about improved search speed and efficiency. Here is a list of more initial benefits for both sides of the screen:

Google Get “Caffeine” Buzz

Google’s latest effort in search technology, “Caffeine”, could change the way it ranks websites in its results. This new implementation is being referred to as the ‘next-generation architecture for Google’s web search’. For those in or dependent upon the SEO industry, Google suggests that Caffeine could make an impact on search and how companies conduct their search engine optimization. It is unclear, however, if the impact is going to be in favor of the SEO wizards who have mastered the mysterious art of climbing up the top of Google’s search results.