How to Configure the Meta tags Module for Drupal SEO

How to Configure the Meta tags Module for Drupal SEO

Thanks to Drupal, it is very easy to set meta tags for each node with the Meta tags module.

When you're working on your Drupal SEO, the Meta tags module is important to your site because it tells the search engines what the content you have is all about. That is right, it's pretty much data about data. And while this seems redundant, it is incredibly important for the overall optimization of your site.

A controversy occurred during the dawn of the search engines (circa 1997) when many people abused meta tags by stuffing them full of keywords. While they were invisible to visitors, search engines gave a lot of credence to the meta tags, so it was a viable way to get to the top of the search engines.

These days, search engines use metatags less for rankings and more for determining what your website and pages are about and which keywords they best fit. Making sure these tags clearly state what your site and pages provide to a visitor will go a long way to ranking in the search engines.

There are also specialized tags that can help with local SEO and provide information that can get your products listed in the Shopping sections of the search engines, which is always helpful.

To get step-by-step instructions on how to make sure your Drupal website's metatags are properly set up, download our free Metatag module guide available within our Drupal SEO Guide section.

If your website has specific needs (e-commerce, local, etc.), you'll want to reach out to a Drupal SEO Company to see if they can help you with any SEO problem you might have.

How to Configure the Meta tags Module for Drupal SEO