Happy International Project Management Day!

international project management day logoHappy International Project Management Day (http://www.internationalpmday.org)!

This is the first year I am going to celebrate IPM day, which apparently has been around for a few years (although I cannot find an official date). The founder, Frank P Saladis, PMP, decided to start IPM day in an effort to increase the perceived importance of project management.

To show my support an appreciation for IPM day, I pledge to have a beer immediately following today's workday. Perhaps a Spaten Oktoberfest. YUM!

Here at Volacci, our primary tools for project management are Highrise and Basecamp. Some may scoff at Basecamp as it is not nearly as dynamic and powerful as other tools, but for our purposes it's great. We're able to coordinate and collaborate easily on projects with our clients, web developers, and other parties. There are quite a few things that I wish could change in Basecamp, but it covers most of the bases. In a future post, I will cover the changes I would make to Basecamp.

What do you use to track and manage your projects?