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Selling Your CEO with an Internet Marketing Plan


You’re a marketing professional. You’ve strategized, planned, and executed numerous marketing campaigns. And most, if not all, have been a huge success!

So why do you need a marketing plan - specifically an Internet marketing plan?

Because your CEO may never know how awesome you are without it!

So why don’t most marketers have a written Internet marketing plan?

  • Because it’s a major pain to write!
  • And there are no standards - or good templates.

Well, that has changed...

We have created a free Internet Marketing Plan Template that will make your job much easier. As experts in Internet marketing we have reviewed and used the tools to help write a marketing plan, but they are bloated and focus on the traditional marketing issues. When it comes to marketing your website, there are specific online tactics that must be synchronized to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive Internet marketing strategy. Our Internet marketing plan template will help you to quickly and succinctly think through and document your plan.

Wondering what a good Internet marketing plan should contain? When you download the free template you will see a comprehensive outline. But at a high level, a great plan demonstrates:

  • your website objectives
  • who your market is and how they interact online
  • how well you are competing online
  • how you will attract visitors to your website
  • how you will transition visitors to sales leads
  • how you will measure success
  • the cost in dollars and resources
  • the changes required to achieve your objectives

When you present an awesome Internet marketing plan to your CEO, your chances of success and getting your budget approved can skyrocket!

So why not write a Internet marketing plan? Especially when we’ve made it so easy for you. Volacci is giving away a template that will allow you to write your Internet marketing plan in less than a day.

We want you to succeed and we know what is required for a successful online strategy. Don’t delay, get started now.

Download the free Internet Marketing Plan Template.

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