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Web 3.0 vs. SEO

web_3_0_0.jpgJust as the next generation of Star Trek hits the theaters in 2009, so the internet will most likely get hit by its next generation, appropriately deemed Web 3.0. Although Web 3.0 doesn’t yet exist, the idea behind it does. Web 3.0 is literally the next evolutionary stage of the Web and was called “the intelligent Web” by John Markoff of the New York Times in 2006. This Web of intelligence is identified by the technical and social possibilities that are potentially possible, but currently not feasible and only speculative. Web 3.0 symbolizes the next generation of web content that will focus on individual content with consumers interested in bits and pieces of information rather than the “container” or web page from which they are found. For example, people will be searching for individual videos or objects, like “The Italian Spiderman”, rather than search for general videos, like YouTube.com.

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