Power of Procrastination [Ben's Productivity Podcast]

Using Procrastination Wisely

Tip of the day: Procrastinate wisely.

Hi and welcome back to the two minute productivity podcast...That was my cat stepping on the piano. Thank you, cat.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and talk to you about the power of procrastination. I know this has been talked about before but one of the things you can do that I found to be a very effective method of getting things done...

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Ben Finklea Volacci CEO - Goal Setting [Podcast]

Ben Finklea introduces his new podcast series.

Today's tip: share your goals with others to be held accountable, and use either rewards or penalties to motivate yourself.

Ben Finklea is the owner and CEO of Volacci, Digital Marketing Agency.


Hi, this is Ben Finklea, welcome to the podcast. I wanted to very first of all tell you a little about what this podcast is. This podcast exists because I belong to an organization called “Entrepreneurs Organization,” and specifically I am in what is called a forum which is a group of 9 CEOs...

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Backing up your Data [Podcast]

Today's tip: How to back up data and keep all files up to date.

Ben Finklea is the CEO of Volacci, the Digital Marketing Agency


Hi, welcome back to the podcast. My name is Ben Finklea and this is the two minute podcast where I share tips with you about productivity. I’m the CEO of a company called Volacci we do a lot of Internet marketing. One thing that is very important to us is that our computers are backed up. There have been...

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