Effective Whiteboard Presentations

For effective, creative and simple video presentations, whiteboards are a great tool. Whiteboards provide an interactive element that makes a presentation more dynamic and easy to follow. We've created a whiteboard presentation on whiteboard presentations in this short video. Reference our tips with the transcription below.

Video transcript:

Whiteboard presentations are a great alternative to power point presentations or animated productions. First, they're fast and easy to produce. It's much more personable. I mean, I'm right here with you and the whiteboard. There's lower graphics expectations. These are great for a whiteboard, but for a animated presentation or a power point, they wouldn't do. And it allows you to be much more interactive. Now before production, get most of your images up on the screen with the exception of a few places to fill in the blanks.

  • This keeps the video short.
  • It requires you to have no artistic skills. In fact, my intern, Brian, did this. "Thank you, Brian."
  • And, it allows you to focus on the audience, not the whiteboard. Keep the images simple and make sure they mean the same thing to everybody in the office that they do to you.

Now, as you're giving the presentation, start filling some things in. Like this, when I was talking about the newsletter, and filling that in. Making sure your newsletter is clickable and giving somebody a reason to come to your site. This is how our product called Automatr will track how much time somebody actually spends on each page of your site. The other thing it allows you to do is to explain your images. So when I was talking about how Automatr is a great tool to send out your emails, as I was drawing the triangle and said the word "Automatr", they knew exactly what I meant at that point. Now, this is not a static whiteboard. It's very interactive. Make sure you have a good, proper flow, left to right, clockwise, that type of thing. In this case, I started out with a newsletter that went through Automatr to all of our prospects. The hot leads got automatically sent to our sales team, which made for a very happy sales team. And of course makes the marketing person look good. Most important, keep it short, two minutes or less. In fact, my time is up. This, is Marketing Intelligence.