Recession Trends That Will Last

Don’t look now, but the country may be making somewhat of a recovery. The housing markets are leveling out in some regions, jobs are beginning to pull their heads out of their assets, and the stock market is posting some encouraging days. It can be argued that the recession was good for most industries, forcing innovation, reinvention, and maturity that has been drastically missing from society over the past few decades. Here are three trends that emerged or grew during the recession that will only continue to drive industries and e-commerce.

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The Future of the Internet

Crystal_Ball_0.jpgEveryone seems to have their own idea of the future and what technologies it holds for us. In the 1989 movie blockbuster, Back to the Future II, Robert Zemeckis gave us flying cars, hoverboards and food hydrators as a prominent function of our society in 2015. Great Scotts, that is only six years and nine days away! I’m still waiting for that hoverboard to appear under the Christmas tree and by now I know its a long shot. Movie directors and screenwriters may not be the best source for reliable trends in technology, which is a clear indication of how far off we can be with our imaginations of innovation. So after my last viewing of Marty McFly’s antics through time, I studied technology trends research published this month by the Pew Research Center of the Future of the Internet.

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