Twitter meetups, or Tweetups, start as discussions around certain topics or interest and culminate at a physical meetup event. As SXSW comes up, you might want to organize a Tweetup to create buzz around your company or product, or participate in one for networking purposes. Mashable posted some great tips for creating a Tweetup and we’re sharing some of our favorites.

Utilize your Twitter network as a way to drum up support, help and ideas.

Plan for more people to show up than you think. It’s Twitter. These people do know how to spread the word better than anyone…

Everyone should be welcome and thus you should plan to accommodate them.

Use a service like EventbriteAmiando or to organize your guests, collect donations and otherwise provide shareable content. It takes all the legwork out of the administrative work that a large Tweetup entails. If you are planning on a smaller gathering…this may not be necessary and you can use Facebook or your blog to organize.

Collect business cards. Event dependent; most folks will be card carrying members of the business/technology world and will be at the Tweetup to network.

Provide food. If you schedule a Tweetup around a meal…provide food. If you DON’T plan on providing food, definitely inform your attendees


HOW TO: Organize a Successful Tweetup.

Surviving SXSW 2013

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SXSW is huge– 10 days full of conferences, interactive sessions, meetups and networking events. There’s a lot to see and a lot to learn and a lot of opportunities to wear yourself out. published a survival guide to this year’s SXSW and two of their tips are ones we definitely recommend.

Register Online. Registration badges are required for access to all of the conferences, festivals and trade shows. You can select single events (music, film or interactive) or a combination of events (platinum badges include access to music, film and interactive). If you can’t snag a badge, don’t worry—there are plenty of “unofficial” events around Austin that don’t require them.

Make a schedule. The best way to tackle the 10-day festival is to make an itinerary of the concerts, panels, parties and screenings you want to attend. And go social. You can find updated info on SXSW on Facebook, Twitter, SXsocial (a tool created to allow participants to message other attendees) and tons of other social media sites, so use them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as SXSW, but with the festival less than three weeks out, it’s good to keep these basics fresh in your mind.

Survival Guide To SXSW 2013.

SXSW is three weeks out and preparations are in order. Having your social media channels in place before Southby can be invaluable. Radian6 shared some social media tips to make any SXSW trip a total success. Here are 5 of the tips we found to be most helpful.

1. Create a saved search on Twitter or a third-party platform to monitor the SXSW conversation.

2. Make sure all your social profiles are up to date. Your SXSW badge can include social account info, so it should be accurate and relevant.

3. Create a Twitter list for SXSW and add the accounts of other attendees and speakers.

4. Speaking at SXSW? Create a Vine video promoting your session.

5. Participate in the SXSW conversation on Twitter by adding something relevant, such as a helpful link.

Keep these tips in mind during these last few weeks before SXSW and you’ll be sure to get the most out of this exciting event

Source: 20 Social Media Tips to Prepare for SXSW Success


The Austin American Statesman has posted a list of expected themes that SXSW attendees can expect to encounter at this year’s panels, conferences, and keynotes. According to the Statesman,

Hot topics will include space travel; crowdfunding; so-called “big data”; Maker / DIY and design culture, including the coming 3-D printer revolution; and the role of hackers in society.

Speakers you can expect to encounter include Matthew Inman of “The Oatmeal” webcomic, Nate Silver, a famous big data analyst, broadcaster Rachel Maddow, file-sharing entrepreneur Kim Dotcom of Megaupload, Al Gore, and many other influential faces in science, technology, and media.

As far as crowds, food, and badge access goes, the Statesman reports:

Last year, attendance at the fest was officially 24,569, a 27 percent jump from the previous year. This year, [the] growth level has clearly slowed down as compared to the last three or four years.

The festival has created another Interactive event, SXSW V2V, which will debut in Las Vegas, Aug. 11-14.

And for those without badges, SXSW Gaming at the Palmer Events Center is free as is SouthBites, an area of food trucks at Rainey and Driskill streets to be curated by chef Paul Qui. Though nothing formal has been announced yet, the fest also typically live streams some of its programming online, even for those without badges.

Source: A month out, SXSW Interactive 2013’s themes are…

If you’re gearing up for SXSW, you may be considering the logistics of how you’ll get from one panel to another. The official SXSW blog has just posted a handy map of the locations for a number of keynotes and conferences. From the blog:

Keynotes panels and presentations for the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival take place at more than 10 venues in and around the downtown Austin area.

If you are attending sessions at one of several SXSW Interactive venues, and want to attend the daily keynote (2:00-3:00 PM, Exhibit Hall 5), there is no need to worry about returning to the Austin Convention Center. These keynotes will be simulcast to various panel rooms at several of the venues we are using for the 2013 event.

Source: SXSW Interactive Venues for 2013: Know What Happens Where