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Social Media Optimization Tips For Businesses and Brands

Social media picked up significant momentum in 2009, especially with businesses and brands seeking new ways to strategically communicate with consumers. This is the time of year that everyone gazes into their crystal balls, or for those hit hard by the recession, they are shaking their Magic 8 balls. Most social gurus, ninjas, wizards, and mavens are predicting that the social media phenomenon will only grow more important in 2010.

If your business or brand has a profile on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, or any other social site, there are different ways to accelerate a profile past just pictures and comments. You can optimize your business profile on social media sites to effectively drive traffic and potential customers to your website. Here are some Social Media Optimization (SMO) tips to make your 2010 social life a lucrative one.

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Twitter Optimization Tips is currently the fastest growing online member community, experiencing 1382 percent growth from February 2008 to February 2009, from 475,000 unique visitors in February 2008 to 7 million in February 2009. But this social community isn’t ruled by college kids and teen tweeters. The largest age group on Twitter is 35-49, comprising almost 42 percent of the site’s membership. Although Twitter is in no danger of encroaching on Google’s turf, they are still learning to (net)work with each other. One of the many ways Google is establishing a productive relationship with Twitter (and staying hip with those e-socialites) is through the integration of “tweets” in its search results. With so many working adults utilizing Twitter for networking purposes, it is a smart move to start optimizing your tweets for yourself and your business. Here are three tips for Tweet Optimization.

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Google Search Gets Social

Over the past decade, the Internet has revolutionized and redefined networking and socializing. People are able to stay in closer contact with more people than they had in the past. In fact, my last high school reunion was organized on Facebook. Most people on the web these days are making social connections and publishing content in a variety of ways, including blogs, tweets, and status updates. Each person has their own special combination of social “webbery” but, unfortunately, it can be strewn across a number of different sites. This can make information not as accessible as one wishes in this age of instant communication.

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SEO Tools for Twitter

The world is ‘a-tweet’ with Twitter, as millions log in for 140 character anecdotes, advice, guidance, links, or witticisms that are followed by hundreds, if not thousands, of social-hungry webophiles. Of the millions logged in everyday, most tweets may not be relevant to every user every time but most will follow an account if they like the copywriting "chops". Twitter is an engaging tool to grab the attention of thousands with the words of a few. Now that businesses are competing for attention on the social songbird’s website, it is important to know what works and what does not. As Twitter turns a corner in its adoption phase, there are Twitter tools available that can be used to monitor how effective a Twitter campaign really is. The following three Twitter tools aim to improve your SEO and start making Twitter work more efficiently for your business.

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FTC Changes Rules Toward Blogging and Social Media

For the first time since 1980, the Federal Trade Commission updated its rules on the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, with specific guidelines targeted toward bloggers and social media usage. The new rules go in effect on December 1, with penalties of $11,000 per violation to be expected. The FTC’s decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

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New Study Shows Where Most Loyal Visitors Click From

Online businesses and their websites receive traffic from a number of different avenues: article marketing, search engines, and social media, to name a few. A recent study by ad network Chitika analyzed the browsing habits of 33 million Internet users over the month of September to take a look at where the most loyal visitors click from.

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Twitter Behaviors You Must Avoid

The internet is all the rage over Twitter, the social networking tool that is becoming more and more important to marketing circles everywhere. There are ‘gurus’ popping up that say they know the best paths to take for Twitter-based marketing, but most don’t have a clue what you must do to sell on Twitter. Here are some important points you should try to avoid, when marketing on Twitter.

1. Don’t ‘tweet’ about everything. If people are following you because you are a proclaimed expert in your field, they don’t need to hear about how cute your new puppy is, or what you did over the weekend. If you tweet about every little unimportant thing in your life, then people will stop following you. If your Twitter account is for your business, every tweet needs to be business-related and very helpful.

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How To Optimize Tweets

By now you have either drank the Twitter kool-aid or spit it out. Whether you had a giant bird burst through a wall or not, you know about hash tags. If you don’t, hash tags are used in Twitter by being placed in front a word or phrase to help create a trending topic or chat room feel. If you were to reference LeBron James, you would put #lebron, and your tweet will be added to a chat room-like conversation that includes all #lebron tweets. This brings tweeters together, and helps marketers get awesome quantitative research by delving into the psyche of people’s experiences with products, services and trends.

Hash tags can also serve other purposes. There was an event in March in Austin called PubCon South 2009, where SEO and SEM industry folk came together for mind meld for three days. I could sit in one seminar and follow the speakers in the other seminars by the streaming tweets from #PubCon, which was established during the opening keynote as the conference’s trending topic.

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