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5 ways your marketing team can reach more people with an infographic

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A visual representation of information. Sounds easy enough, right? Before you draw a picture, slap some data on it and put it on your website, you might want to explore the potential traffic and leads an infographic, if done correctly, could bring to your company.

Infographics are caught somewhere between social media and SEO, and that’s the way we like it. They communicate like a social medium -- charmingly, lightheartedly, entertainingly -- but the methods for distribution, visibility and reach kick more like an effective SEO best practice.

Here are five surefire ways to expand the reach and visibility of your latest infographic.

1. Include the embed code on the page where the infographic lives
Not only does this make your graphic easier to share, it allows you to gift wrap an inbound link to yourself by creating the code that goes on the syndicator’s website. Many bloggers that post infographics don’t give credit where it’s due. Embedding a link in the graphic code ensures that a.) you get credit for your graphic and b.) you get the link juice from every page that shares your graphic. Just place a copy and paste field under each of your infographics, similar to how YouTube allows you to copy embed code for videos you like.

2. Optimize the internal page where the infographic lives
Like any image, infographics must be optimized in order to be seen by the search engine crawlers. For this reason, you must first apply keyword-rich alt text and image attributes to each infographic, then optimize its webpage. Select keywords for the page, then use these keywords to write title tags, meta descriptions and header tags. Additionally, many SEO-minded bloggers write a post to go along with the infographic. This optimized page gives more meaning and visibility to the infographic you’ve spent so much time creating.

3. Tweet or post specific data that appears in the infographic
If the data in the graphic is compelling, people will be more likely to click on a link from a Tweet than if it just says “An infographic about nonprofits and social media”. The below example gets specific and makes you want to click.

infographic tweet

4. Submit your infographic to aggregators, directories and social bookmarking sites
Spread your infographic far and wide by submitting it to various social directories and bookmarking sites. These sites are where many people go to find infographics to use on blogs, websites and newsletters. Submitting yours exponentially increases its chances of being used. And it often garners a backlink from many of directory sites.

5. Pitch your infographic to bloggers and publications
While many bloggers will post your infographic by finding it on their own, you can also speed up the process by pitching the infographic to your favorite industry bloggers and publications. If the infographic is good, it will very likely be used, and you will receive a link. Don’t give up if you get rejected; sometimes the timing is not right for a blogger’s or publication’s editorial calendar. Move on to the next one in that case.


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Social Media Strategies: Posting to Popularity


They’ve always been good. I knew it. My wife knew it. A few local music buffs knew it. But when they stopped touring a few years back so singer Taylor Muse could be home with his newborn daughter, I wondered what would come of Austin-based piano pop outfit Quiet Company. Surely they would play locally, but would they fizzle out as quietly as they came?

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Twitter SEO: Optimizing Tweets and Getting More Followers


Twitter can be used in a variety of ways, whether for personal enlightenment or marketing a business, skimming daily news or finding out what your kid sister ate for dinner last night. You can Tweet flippantly, you can Tweet corporately.

Twitter meets you where you are. That’s why it’s great.

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5 Secrets for Facebook Virality

As more businesses and brands publish Facebook fan pages, launch social media campaigns, and join the conversation online, becoming an authoritative voice in a niche community is increasingly difficult. What is even more discerning for late adopters is that corporate giants and small savvy shops alike are sending social media whiz kids to master the message for the social “Webi-sphere”.

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What Does It Mean to “Go Viral”?

Social media and user-generated content were quite the surprise sensation last decade. Very few experts with their fingers to the wind felt its popularity and social impact coming from a distance. There is no argument that the influence of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are widespread. Just ask Greyson Chance, the sixth grader in Edmond, OK who just performed Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on the piano at his Sixth Grade Festival. He has currently made over 20 million people forget who Justin Bieber is... Justin who?! Now that social media platforms have proven its effectiveness to businesses and brands in engaging with potential customers, growing brand awareness, and spreading marketing messages strategically across the expanse of the Internet, people with pencils behind their ears are trying to quantify its use. APIs, ROIs, and FYIs are being developed for businesses to justify investing in the most effective platforms, while others are still gun-shy on launching an extension of their traditional marketing initiatives to a digital format. If you have been reading or following my blog for the last year or so (THANK YOU!) then you’ve noticed I discuss social media optimization quite a bit. Although we do advise our clients on social media benefits and strategic usage, Volacci currently doesn’t offer professional Social Media Optimization (SMO) services. Volacci surely isn’t Mashable, but we do know a thing or two about social media. Join me after the jump for more on the conversation around the definition of “going viral”.

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How to Link Build on Facebook

If you are running a social media optimization campaign, one of your primary objectives is to post and distribute your site’s links via social profiles. Facebook is a wonderful platform for posting links and, after building your profile, you can send links out for exposure in the conversation cloud of the social web. This is an ideal way to increase your blog’s RSS feed, increase your website’s traffic, and, ultimately your brand awareness.

There are many advantages to using Facebook for social link building. Let’s start basic and work our way through it, because no one want’s to pull a mental muscle today (even the vikings understood the importance of stretching). Stimulating brain food after the jump...

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Social Web Analytics - Part 1

Social media has reached highly competitive heights and everyone wants to be on the top. It is the new, non-traditional platform for strategic messaging where consumers have the control, picking and choosing what marketing they subject themselves to. Do you feel like you are not in control of your social media efforts?

Recent research efforts have found that an overwhelming 86% of businesses will spend more money in 2010 on social media. Brands and businesses now battle with viral videos, sticky websites, and engaging content for the attention of socially optimistic and cautiously conversion-oriented consumers.

The biggest advantage any business running a social campaign can have this year is good old-fashioned data. Does your company’s CEO need definitive evidence for why he is paying a couple of Millennials to surf the web? Data gives you something to hold on to, and if you can start to control the numbers, its a win for everyone.

In terms of web-years, pageview tracking is no longer up to snuff when it comes to social media metrics. With companies like Facebook and Slide spending tons of their budget surpluses on building internal analytical tools, there are improved and evolving measurements that can help your businesses’ social life grow and improve while you take control.

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Are We Ready For Paid Tweets?

Have you heard of the 4-month old, Los Angeles startup, They are an “In-Stream” advertising agency that is “connecting top tier twitterers with top tier brands”. Simply put, they insert paid tweets for brands among the regular tweets of highly-influential tweeters. already has Kim Kardashian, Dr. Drew, and Soulja Boy sending out paid tweets to each of their 2.8 or so million followers.

Many news sites have been successfully leveraging Twitter to distribute their stories and build new audiences, but they aren’t making money from these tweets yet. However, news sites are launching some early exploration into this new and, possibly, lucrative venture.

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