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What Does It Mean to “Go Viral”?

Social media and user-generated content were quite the surprise sensation last decade. Very few experts with their fingers to the wind felt its popularity and social impact coming from a distance. There is no argument that the influence of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are widespread. Just ask Greyson Chance, the sixth grader in Edmond, OK who just performed Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on the piano at his Sixth Grade Festival. He has currently made over 20 million people forget who Justin Bieber is... Justin who?! Now that social media platforms have proven its effectiveness to businesses and brands in engaging with potential customers, growing brand awareness, and spreading marketing messages strategically across the expanse of the Internet, people with pencils behind their ears are trying to quantify its use. APIs, ROIs, and FYIs are being developed for businesses to justify investing in the most effective platforms, while others are still gun-shy on launching an extension of their traditional marketing initiatives to a digital format. If you have been reading or following my blog for the last year or so (THANK YOU!) then you’ve noticed I discuss social media optimization quite a bit. Although we do advise our clients on social media benefits and strategic usage, Volacci currently doesn’t offer professional Social Media Optimization (SMO) services. Volacci surely isn’t Mashable, but we do know a thing or two about social media. Join me after the jump for more on the conversation around the definition of “going viral”.

Drupal Users Guide to Facebook Social Media Optimization

Facebook and Twitter are in the business of building social communities and interactive brands, and business is currently booming. Through these social media channels, brands and businesses engage with their target audience at nearly every click-through, profile search, and touchpoint. And potential consumers are letting them in to connect emotionally deeper than ever before. The traditional lines of consumer-brand relationships have been blurred, erased, and redrawn with online communications. There was once a time when radio spots, television commercials, and magazine print ads were an advertising and marketing tri-force of reach, frequency, and exposure. Now, the internet is opening new communication channels and creating a new kind of society: an online society built around friendships, fan-hood, and fun. For more information on how to better market your Fan Page, install Facebook Google Analytics, and recommended Drupal Facebook modules, join me after the jump.

84% Don’t Track Social ROI

Over the last few years, social media sites have grown from a place for friends to a place for networking, business, and building relationships throughout a wide range of industries. According to recent studies, 86 percent of professionals use social media in some way in their jobs. While the survey results are great for the growing role of social media in business, it also indicated that companies are adopting these techniques without an effective measurement in place to track results.