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drupal migration arrow moving to drupal logoUpgrading or Migrating? Volacci keeps SEO rankings and traffic from deflating

Are you considering a migration from another content management system to Drupal? Or are you thinking about upgrading to from an older version of Drupal to the newest release? These are great reasons to choose Volacci’s Drupal SEO Migration consulting.

Getting a Drupal SEO specialist involved in the migration or upgrade process before it happens can ensure that you don’t lose your hard-fought SEO achievements. It can also save you money.

Volacci will put a plan in place to protect your content and take advantage of the new capabilities of Drupal 8.

Lack of migration planning can have long-lasting effects

Upgrading or migrating your website will create issues for your Google rankings if you don’t plan carefully. There are a number of pitfalls, including:

  • Pages being lost because of slight URL changes,
  • Content being left off the new site,
  • Having uncrawlable content,
  • Losing links,
  • New theme files breaking your SEO settings, and
  • Losing web traffic.

However, Volacci’s extensive migration protocol will evaluate every possible outcome and help you to put your best foot forward to Google and visitors. We’ll ensure that your switch is a success.

Ready to Make Your Move?

With Volacci’s Drupal SEO Migration consulting, all your website’s current content and digital assets are inventoried and a matrix of old to new is created. We create naming conventions for categories, link URLs, and anchor text and put 301 redirects in place if needed. We also look at top referrers and monitor them to make sure you don't lose traffic. And a whole lot more! To get a detailed statement of work, please contact us.

Start filling those post-migration party balloons—your SEO is safe.

If you are ready to migrate to Drupal, Volacci can provide a Drupal SEO migration consult so that you can make the switch with confidence. 

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