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One of the most difficult, but important parts of your website strategy is to turn web traffic into qualified marketing leads. A winning Drupal lead generation strategy combines SEO, specialized Drupal modules, content and advertising. The Volacci team can turn help you choose the right strategy for the win. #FTW!

Maximize your lead generation with A/B testing

Volacci uses A/B testing to determine which versions of your website design achieve the most successful results.

It works like this: instead of immediately implementing changes in the placement of content, color schemes, fonts or graphics on your website, we make two versions of each page. The A version acts as the control, appearing unaltered, while the B version contains the proposed change. Half of your site’s visitors are shown the A version while the other half is shown the B version. Our team analyzes the effectiveness of the change and advises you on the best practice moving forward. A/B testing provides quantifiable web design data that our Volacci team will use to optimize your website for maximum performance.

Personalize your content with specialized Drupal capabilities

Personalized content is needed to be competitive and Drupal 8 provides tools to help you achieve it. With the new core enhancements, you can execute more effective marketing campaigns because you can deliver personalized content segmented by audience, language, and device type. Volacci can help you develop relevant content that improves SEO, drives users to your website, creates leads, and results in more sales.

Volacci can use Drupal tools to help you quickly deploy various types of digital content and campaigns that span multiple segments and channels. We can define customer segments, create custom content and deliver it in real-time on any device.

Make a seamless transition between your website and other marketing tools

Volacci can help ensure that you don’t lose leads in the cracks between your various software systems. Drupal 8 integrates with email, analytics, marketing automation, CRM and other business software to create a seamless transition from content to lead generation to sale.

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