Drupal SEO

How is Drupal SEO Different Than Other SEO?

Because Drupal is special.

Not only can it create beautiful websites, Drupal powers some of the largest, most complex websites on the planet. And now it powers yours.

Your website is an investment in your organization. Do you want to turn that investment over to someone who doesn't know exactly what's "under the hood"?

Volacci specializes in SEO for websites built with both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. Let one of our Drupal SEO specialists show you how we can develop a custom SEO plan for your website.



Volacci began developing Drupal
websites over 10 years ago and
we quickly discovered that
SEO for Drupal sites didn't exist. 
We decided to change that.


Each time we optimize a Drupal site,
we see the same thing: a website with
greater visibility in the search engines.
Not only will your site rank better,
the SEO will be easier to maintain.


Much of what we do is the same as
other SEO companies. But because
we know how Drupal is put together,
we understand how to get SEO
to work with Drupal, not in spite of it.

Volacci has over 10 years of Drupal experience. Count on our seasoned Drupal SEO knowledge and meticulous, process-driven methods to ensure that your SEO is done correctly and completely without harming the flexibility, upgradeability, or core features of your website.

Our focus begins and ends with the most important people to your business: your customer.

We can help you optimize your Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 website so it gets the best rankings possible.

  1. We begin each new project by meeting with you to discuss your customer and your S.M.A.R.T. goals. What problem will SEO solve for you? Do you need traffic? Revenue? Do you measure success by Lifetime Value like Amazon or are you a VC-backed startup that needs to juice your Annual Run Rate
  2. The next step is to understand where these customers are, what they're looking for, and how they should be finding your website. Our research team goes to work finding the answers that will inform the rest of the process: keywords, persona details, social hangouts, demographics, and other data.
  3. Then comes Volacci's unique Drupal SEO Audit. We designed this 300-point proprietary process for Drupal 6 & 7. We take into account all the best practices that we have helped establish for the Drupal community since 2005 and all of the latest, up-to-date guidelines from Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Moz.
  4. We tailor our audit to your specific type of website - lead generation, e-commerce, ad-driven, social, or a hybrid - and to your unique market and technical situation.
  5. Volacci's Drupal Marketing experts work with your webmaster or Drupal Development Partner to configure every setting, module, view, theme, node, and webform for superior marketing performance.
  6. Our team will design usability experiments that will improve the conversion rate of your website. We will run these experiments, report the results, adjust our assumptions, and run them again.
  7. Your campaign is built and managed by qualified, Google Analytics-certified experts. We'll set up your tags, funnels, and reports to give you deep insights into your customers that you never thought was possible with Drupal alone.
  8. Throughout the process, we provide comprehensive, custom reports summarizing the progress of your website.
  9. Finally, we step back and evaluate: Are you achieving your goals? Are your customers finding you? Are they engaged? Do they contact you or make a purchase?

We're not finished until your website is growing with a steady stream of happy customers excited to do business with you.

Our standard Drupal SEO Audit takes 30 days to complete and starts at $7,500.

or call our Sales Team: (512) 989-2945 x1