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The “Cerberus” of SEO Writing

Writing content is a crucial aspect for any online business. As the Web grows, so does the necessity of three content types that need to be flowing from the fingers of your writing staff: on-page website content, blogging, and article marketing; The proverbial “Cerberus” of online content creation. Each piece should work together to walk a visitor in and through your process, and each piece is an opportunity to create a positive impression and relationship.

The end goal of online content is to turn visitors into raving fans of your business by becoming loyal fans, lifetime customers, and brand ambassadors. Here is a look at how to best utilize the “Cerberus” of SEO writing:

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Optimizing Your Optimized Content

Many SEO practitioners will make the mistake of writing all their content for the search engine spiders and completely neglecting the actual human visitors that will read the virtual web food. This type of mistake will yield one of two outcomes, with both causing irrefutable harm to one’s overall business.

1. High Rankings, Low Readership

The spiders love your content and they place you on a pedestal in the SERPs. However, real human beings who wield the cash-producing credit card numbers and real-life problems and needs become so frustrated with your “spider-talk” that they search for more user-friendly information.

2. Low Rankings, No Readership

This may be the worse of the two outcomes. The spiders catch on to your writing strategy and penalize your site by removing it from the rankings. This renders your website ‘unfindable’ and your online presence dies instantly.

Neither of these two outcomes are optimal. Optimizing your optimized content for both the spiders and the real human beings that will visit your website is crucial for online success. Excellent copywriting that optimizes optimized copy will be natural, relevant, interesting and simple. This may be one of the most important elements in any dynamic SEO campaign.

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How To Write An Effective Snippet (For SEO)

When ranking your website’s pages for certain keywords, search engines generally use the page title tag as the snippet that appears in the SERPs. If it doesn’t seem to “fit” the search results, the search engines will find a snippet within the on-page text. But there is a good chance that your page rankings for a keyword could be hindered by a poorly written page title tag, which inevitably means a bad snippet. This will hurt your rankings, even if you did every other minute SEO detail for your site.

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The Risks of Blogging

Blogging has proven its worth in the business environment by increasing traffic, conversions, credibility and authority within one’s industry or niche. But is it the right move for your business, specifically? Friday, I assessed the benefits of blogging and how it can help you. Today we will discuss the risks you expose yourself to by blogging. If you are not careful, you can damage your professional reputation, lose business, or possibly get fired. Before you decide that blogging is the right tactic for your objectives, assess these common blogging risks.

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The Benefits of Blogging

With Twitter and Facebook taking over the web-waves, blogging seems like yesterday’s news. But blogging is still immensely important, despite its evolution passed the early adopter stage of its life cycle. Most businesses are leveraging their blog for authoritative purposes, but should they be blogging? Blogging has several marketing, PR, and advertising benefits, like visibility, exposure and credibility. It could also increase traffic and directly result in sales. However, it may not be appropriate for every single business to blog. Take in consideration the following benefits of blogging and assess whether it is a reasonable and profitable effort for your small business.

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