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2009 SEO Survey Results

SEO_Survey_Chart_0_0.jpgA survey was conducted over the entire month of January 2009 on topics of search engine optimization and its usage. The 117 respondents were all qualified e-commerce merchants, as reported in a recent blog post by Armando Roggio of 94 percent of the merchants said that SEO was a part of their marketing efforts and that 62.4 percent believed that SEO accounted for 50 percent of their website traffic.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be some confusion on the different between white hat and black hat SEO tactics. 69.5 percent of the merchants surveyed identified black hat tactics, such as purchasing links, as an effective way to increase page rankings. Paid links that transfer page rank are an attempt to trick search engines into less qualified results. 53.9 percent of those surveyed also said that keyword stuffing was somewhat effective. This is another risky and shady SEO practice. Only 25.6 percent of the merchants participating in the survey had hired a SEO professional to help them or their business...

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