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What Is Drupal?

Here are some key concepts for marketers and other non-developers about Drupal, as well as some useful tips before jumping into SEO on your or your Drupal website.

The Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation Module

The Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module aggregates and compresses CSS and JavaScript files to make your site run faster. Speed became a ranking factor in 2010. All else being equal, the faster site will rank higher in Google.

The Security Review Module

The Security Review module automatically tests for many security problems on your Drupal site and will let you know what needs to be fixed.

The Scheduler Module

The Drupal Scheduler module allows you to plan and execute your content strategy, which is critical to SEO success.

The Search 404 Module

Don't just show a 404 page for content that has been removed or URLs that are malformed: show visitors relevant pages on your Drupal site based upon a search for the original page path.
Google Tag Manager, Analytics, & Search Console for Drupal 9
This guide works for Drupal 8 too!
Tracy Cooper Thu, 07/01/2021 - 10:51
Also works for Drupal 8! Installing Google Tag Manager to your Drupal site adds a layer of complexity, but it's far more flexible & powerful than Google Analytics alone.

The Drupal Admin Toolbar Module

The Drupal Admin Toolbar module gives you one-click access to Drupal admin screens. It works like a drop-down and slide-out menu system that is so popular on the web.

The Coffee Module

Learn how to install, configure, and use the Coffee Module. Coffee is one of the fastest ways to get to any admin screen in Drupal.

Be Efficient

Setting up the right modules to help you better navigate the Drupal interface is going to make your experience with Drupal a lot more enjoyable and efficient.