Drupal is Better for SEO than Adobe Experience Manager

A comparison of major SEO functionality between the two platforms clearly shows Drupal wins


There are many choices out there for Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). Many commercial tools tout features and say that they compare favorably to Drupal, the leading open source solution for sophisticated WCMS. In this brief, I have researched to the best of my ability the features that make Drupal stand out from Adobe Experience Manager SEO.

I offer these caveats to my findings: 1) I have never personally used Adobe...

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5 ways your marketing team can reach more people with an infographic

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A visual representation of information. Sounds easy enough, right? Before you draw a picture, slap some data on it and put it on your website, you might want to explore the potential traffic and leads an infographic, if done correctly, could bring to your company.

Infographics are caught somewhere between social media and SEO, and that’s the way we like it. They communicate like a social medium -- charmingly, lightheartedly, entertainingly -- but the methods for distribution, visibility and reach kick more like an effective SEO best practice.

Here are five surefire ways to expand the reach and visibility of your latest infographic.

1. Include the embed code on the page where the infographic lives
Not only does this make your graphic easier to share, it allows you to gift wrap an inbound link to yourself by creating the code that goes on the syndicator’s website. Many bloggers that post infographics don’t give credit where it’s due. Embedding a link in the graphic code ensures that a.) you get credit for your graphic and b.) you get the link juice from every page that shares your graphic. Just place a copy and paste field under each of your infographics, similar to how YouTube allows you to copy embed code for videos you like.

2. Optimize the internal page where the infographic lives
Like any image, infographics must be optimized in order to be seen by the search engine crawlers. For this reason, you must first apply keyword-rich alt text and image attributes to each infographic, then optimize its webpage. Select keywords for the page, then use these keywords to write title tags, meta descriptions and header tags. Additionally, many SEO-minded bloggers write a post to go along with the infographic. This optimized page gives more meaning and visibility to the infographic you’ve spent so much time creating.

3. Tweet or post specific data that appears in the infographic
If the data in the graphic is compelling, people will be more likely to click on a link from a Tweet than if it just says “An infographic about nonprofits and social media”. The below example gets specific and makes you want to click.

infographic tweet

4. Submit your infographic to aggregators, directories and social bookmarking sites
Spread your infographic far and wide by submitting it to various social directories and bookmarking sites. These sites are where many people go to find infographics to use on blogs, websites and newsletters. Submitting yours exponentially increases its chances of being used. And it often garners a backlink from many of directory sites.

5. Pitch your infographic to bloggers and publications
While many bloggers will post your infographic by finding it on their own, you can also speed up the process by pitching the infographic to your favorite industry bloggers and publications. If the infographic is good, it will very likely be used, and you will receive a link. Don’t give up if you get rejected; sometimes the timing is not right for a blogger’s or publication’s editorial calendar. Move on to the next one in that case.


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5 Chrome plugins that will save you time every day


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Being an SEO has its ups and its downs (get it??). One of said "downs" is that I often don't have enough time in the day to accomplish everything I need to accomplish. We're in constant pursuit of ways to save ourselves a few minutes here and there. A few Google Chrome plugins -- some related to marketing, some not -- grant me a few extra minutes and allow me to get more done every day.

Without further adieu, here are my favorite time-saving Google Chrome plugins that I use pretty much every day.

1. Bitly
Bitly allows me to shorten URLs instantaneously by clicking a button. This is useful when I'm scheduling Tweets, sending emails, pasting links into documents, and about 20 other instances throughout my day. This is a must-have.


2. SEO Site Tools
SEO Site Tools gives me an instant snapshot of the SEO value of a webpage from all of the heavy-hitters -- Google, Bing, Yahoo!, SEOMoz, Quantcast, Majestic SEO, DMOZ, and the list goes on. You can compare the data provided by each one and decide which is the most accurate. You can also see numbers like backlinks and indexed pages, as well as meta data and H1 tags for a webpage.

SEO site tools

3. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate
Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate allows me to take a screenshot of either an entire webpage or just the visible part of a webpage, and annotate/edit the screenshot within my browser. No need to open up an editing program to add text, arrows or markup to your screenshots. Just click the Capture & Annotate button and edit it all in two minutes max without opening another program.

4. BuiltWith
BuiltWith is a quick way to figure out what CMS a site was built on, detailed server information, which analytics/statistics programs they have installed, and a plethora of other useful site technology information -- all with a click of one button.

5. Check My Links
Check My Links has a crawler that instantly checks a webpage for broken links and highlights them so you can see what you need to fix. Once the scan is complete, it highlights in green the working links and in red the broken links. I use this several times a week.


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