The Upside of Real-Time Search

Real-time search, if you don’t already know, fuses social media content and search engine results in ways no one could have imagined two years ago.. except Google – who is quietly but feverishly giggling amongst themselves over this masterful move like Japanese schoolgirls sneaking into a Cheap Trick concert.

Twitter and Facebook feeds are now streaming into Google’s search results page, challenging valuable real estate that businesses and brands have fought diligently for. Some businesses see this new search feature as a threat, while others an opportunity. For companies like Apple, you can see how the iPad will follow in the iPod's footsteps to success, if their branding message continues to grow, sans the hygiene joke.

But as more and more of the Web operates in real-time, businesses need to keep up with the digital Joneses and compress this lump of opportunity coal into a diamond field of brand messaging and mastery. Wipe that frown off your face, Mr. Second-Cup-of-Coffee, and let’s look at the upside of real-time search after the jump..

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How to Become a Search Jedi

So you want to become a ‘Master of Search’ and unlock all the secrets of the web with the power of your Jedi mind and fingers? It may not require carrying around a little green man, like the olden days. You could just a need quick crash course on how to stay privy to the new and magical tools that Master Google and Master Bing have brought to the Internet Counsel table. Here are some tips to get you started on your road to becoming a Master of Search.

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Bing Advertising on Google AdWords

This morning I came across a rather interesting discovery: Microsoft’s Bing, the self-proclaimed “decision engine”, is advertising on Google Adwords. It came up as the first sponsored link when I googled “search engine”. This is a stroke of genius and small victory in Microsoft’s attempt at turning online surfers to the ‘Bing Side of the Search.’ It is commonly believed that Microsoft needs a small miracle to accomplished the not-so-small feat of successfully poaching a significant share of the search market.

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The Evolution of Search: Wordless?

I used to hear this cliche’ used all the time: “A Picture is worth a thousand words”. But now even that is in jeopardy. If you are a copywriter, please sit down. Last week Google Labs launched a new product called Similar Images, which allows users to search using other images instead of words. This is a very similar feature to the popular image bookmarking site: Until now, searching for images on Google meant that you typed in a description in a search bar, using words, and Google found images indexed in their database that fit the description.

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Word to Your Search, My Specialist

2007-04_Logic_9_0.jpgAnyone can have a bad day, and on those bad days communication becomes a funny thing. Have you ever caught yourself asking: “What in the John Stamos am I talking about?” The idea started in the brain but takes a lunch break halfway out of your mouth. It’s been happening for centuries. I’m sure there were cavemen that were just dying to complete a sentence. Latin had more declensions than Michael Phelps has gold medals.. and smoking pipes. It is no different in these modern times, but we have evolved our bad communicative days into frustrating blabber between human-machine, machine-machine and technology-technology. Put the stapler down, because this blog post isn’t about you and the printer. I’m here to clarify an argument between MS Word and your SEO ranking. If you paste website content from MS Word, you may want to read on.

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