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How To Talk To Your Search Engine

In life, communicate is key. You need to have good communication in friendships and relationships of all kinds. Whether it be with a life partner or the guy you share an office with, it is very important to communicate in order to maintain good balance and keep your quarters out of the pet peeve change jar. That’s your feel good tip of the day. With that being said, digital communication and technology are no difference. It is very important to have good communications between online search engines and your website. In general, search engines don’t like to find the same content on several pages. Their spiders get irritated and confused and your web site might end up like a certain Sting-wielding hobbit. If you have several versions of the same page or many pages with the same content, you should tell the search engines about it with a canonical tag. That way the spiders aren’t confused while trying to determine what is the “primary” page, or most important version, for people to link to first.

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Obstacles to search engine crawling

Before your site can be indexed it has to be successfully crawled by the search engines. The search engines crawl through your website looking for a valid URL. If the search engine finds the URL it can then index your website. That is why it is important for you to make sure that the search engines can find your URL. You must be careful with your use of JavaScript links, sometimes the engines don't recognize these links. Some websites will also block search engine robots (sometimes purposefully, sometimes not) and this will definitely keep them from successfully finding your URL.

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Search Engine Market Share for Oct. 2007

Google is again on the prowl for market share and picked up 1.5% (or 157 Million) of all searches. All the other major engines lost market share except Ask whose heavy marketing expenditures allowed it to tread water at 4.7%.

Leading Search Engines - October 2007

Google: 58.5 percent (+1.5 points)

Yahoo: 22.9 percent (-0.8 points)

Microsoft: 9.7 percent�(-0.6 points)

Ask Network: 4.7 percent (no change)

Time Warner Network: 4.2 percent (-0.1 points)

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Google Posts Q4 2006 Profits of $1.06 Billion

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It's interesting to note that 99% of Google's revenues come from advertising. It's even more interesting that in the same quarter 2005 42% of their ad revenue came from "Google Network Sites" while in Q4 2006 only 37% did. I think this is largely due to advertisers becoming wary of the click fraud that still runs rampant in the paid search industry.

Still, massive profits means that Google can expand into new and exciting areas at will. They control the search engine industry and will likely do so for years to come.

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Microsoft Web Business Posts $291M Loss for 2006

Microsoft Corp. today announced record revenue of $12.54 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2006. But, read a little further and you'll see that their "Online Services Business" actually posted quite a loss, $155M for the quarter and $291 for calendar 2006.

It's also interesting to note that their share of the search market has been steadily declining. While I would never write off Microsoft (you can never write off a company with $45 Billion in the bank), it will be interesting to see if they turn things around. As it stands, they should continue to become less and less relevant to your SEO efforts.

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