Revolution -The Original IPhone
In 2005, Steve Jobs, CEO at Apple, gathered a team of Apple engineers to work on a revolutionary idea: use only a multi-touch touchscreen to interact with a computer. The first of such devices, the iPhone, changed the world on January 9, 2007. The revolution continues today with the iPad and iPad Mini.

Revolutionary Marketing Technology

revolutionize [ˌrɛvəˈluːʃəˌnaɪz] - to change fundamentally or completely

Trends over the last ten years indicate that the entire world population will have access to the Internet by the end of the decade. Users roughly doubled from 2002 to 2007 and again from 2007 to 2012 -- that’s over two billion people on the web, a third of the current world population.

In the marketing and advertising world, new technology is sparking a revolution. The ability to reach customers anytime, anywhere, and to target only the most promising prospects is altering how would-be sellers and buyers interact.

The Evolution of Newspaper, Radio, and TV

These traditional mediums offer minimal targeting and segmentation. The mobile and social Internet has revolutionized the way you target and interact with your customers and has expanded a brand's reach, from local to global. With the Internet, small companies can compete with enterprises.  

The Changing World of SEO

How do marketers stay on top of the monthly, and even weekly, changes in SEO strategies? Diversity. SEO today is a multi-faceted approach to search engine rankings that goes beyond traditional link building. You need fresh compelling content and promotional strategies that can make it go viral. Read our blog and inform yourself on the latest algorithm changes and how they impact your Internet marketing plan. 

SEM Provides a Multitude of Options for the Forward-Thinking

Gone are the days of simple, autopilot ad campaigns. There is keyword exclusions, geo-targeting, re-marketing, quality scores, display, content, and the list goes on. One wrong move and your entire monthly budget is gone in seconds.

Email Marketing Revolutionized - Marketing Automation

Email marketing is a great medium to target your customers and prospects, and it has its place for many organizations. But if you have a longer sales cycle that takes multiple interactions to move a website visitor from a curious spectator to a qualified sales lead, marketing automation is the future of email marketing. We discuss this in more detail on our Marketing Tools page.

Are You Revolutionizing the Way You Market Your Business?

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