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The Upside of Real-Time Search

Real-time search, if you don’t already know, fuses social media content and search engine results in ways no one could have imagined two years ago.. except Google – who is quietly but feverishly giggling amongst themselves over this masterful move like Japanese schoolgirls sneaking into a Cheap Trick concert.

Twitter and Facebook feeds are now streaming into Google’s search results page, challenging valuable real estate that businesses and brands have fought diligently for. Some businesses see this new search feature as a threat, while others an opportunity. For companies like Apple, you can see how the iPad will follow in the iPod's footsteps to success, if their branding message continues to grow, sans the hygiene joke.

But as more and more of the Web operates in real-time, businesses need to keep up with the digital Joneses and compress this lump of opportunity coal into a diamond field of brand messaging and mastery. Wipe that frown off your face, Mr. Second-Cup-of-Coffee, and let’s look at the upside of real-time search after the jump..

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