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Hey Drupal Community, What Project Management Software Do You Use?

I was just talking with Alex Lindahl over at Acquia this afternoon about Project Management Software and, specifically, what Volacci and Acquia use for their own project management. Volacci just implemented Basecamp and have enjoyed the software for its short period of usage. This conversation naturally sparked our curiosity here at Volacci and we would like to ask our friends in the Drupal community for their own opinion on the matter.

Hey Drupal Community:

What Project Management Software do you use? Why?

What do you use it for the most?

Have you used any other Project Management Software than the one you are currently using? What was your experience?

Please post your answers in the comment section below, or you can email me at [email protected] for a more discrete answer. The appropriate answers will be aggregated onto our site and also posted to for the entire Drupal community’s reference.

Thank you in advance. Your participation in this aggregation of Project Management Software information is completely voluntary. If you would like to post your answers anonymously or wish to not be included in the aggregation, please let us know within your comments or emails.

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