Volacci Checks-the-Box in SEO for Drupal with Latest Module Release

checkboxAUSTIN, TEXAS, July 24 – Volacci, the leader in Internet marketing for the open-source Web infrastructure Drupal, announces the launch of the Drupal SEO Checklist 4.0. Created for Drupal 7, the module is designed to position websites to receive maximum visibility on the Internet. The SEO Checklist is now available for download now at https://www.drupal.org/project/seo_checklist/.

“We created the SEO Checklist to unlock the power of Drupal for optimizing search results,” said Ben Finklea, CEO and founder, Volacci. “The latest version of this module enables site owners, marketers and developers to easily evaluate and implement best practices in SEO for Drupal-based websites. For years, we have sifted through, adapted and adopted the best SEO solutions and we’re excited to provide this module to the community in its most sophisticated form to date.” 

Installed on a Drupal site, the SEO Checklist 4.0 creates a step-by-step guide with over 50 key elements that are critical to successful search optimization. One element at a time, the SEO Checklist rapidly evaluates any Drupal site and clearly indicates in true checklist form what missing modules, tasks and components are needed for search optimization. If a recommended element or module is already running on the Drupal site, that box is checked—providing site owners with a proof-point about their website’s search positioning.   

The comprehensive SEO Checklist includes: 

  • A streamlined user interface that is easy for both technical and non-technical users  
  • A completely redesigned, standardized checklist API 
  • An SEO progress status bar which can be shared with others
  • Direct links to the top SEO-related modules leveraged in the most high-profile websites in the world
  • Simple direct access to search engine account sign-up from the administrator screen
  • An easily updateable format to keep pace with the ever-changing SEO landscape
  • SPAM prevention tools to help protect the site as its access and awareness rises
  • Educational guidance on SEO from Drupal’s top experts in the field 

"The new SEO Checklist represents significant advancement in functionality, which others can now leverage in their own projects using the new Checklist API," said Travis Carden, Drupal Association member and contributor to the project. "This module provides a meaningful tool to site owners, and it illustrates the ability of the Drupal community to innovate through collaboration."  

To date, previous versions of the Drupal SEO Checklist have been downloaded 90,000 times. A true SEO thought leader, Finklea is the author of "Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization," a step-by-step guide for ranking high in search engines with professional tips and best practices for Drupal websites. 

Founded in 2008 and an Acquia certified partner, Volacci is the leading Drupal Internet marketing firm providing leading organizations with SEO, search engine advertising, mobile advertising and Google Analytics consulting services. Collaborating with the Drupal development community, Volacci creates and implements strategies designed to optimize the profitability of websites, create engagement and generate customers. 

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