Volacci Automatr Adds Dashboard Feature to More Easily Track Marketing Campaign Results

falseVolacci, an Austin-based Marketing Software company, has announced the addition of a “Campaigns Dashboard” to the Automatr marketing automation tool. Designed to dramatically increase marketers’ ease of analyzing campaigns, the new dashboard provides users with precise visualizations of campaign metrics through easy to read, easy to understand data displays.

“We’re thrilled to offer this new functionality, and believe it tremendously enhances the ease of monitoring campaigns,” said Ben Finklea, CEO of Volacci. “The idea for the new Campaign Dashboard came from listening to customer feedback. Marketers need a high level overview to make it easy to report results across the organization. I'd like to thank our Automatr users and encourage them to continue to let us know what they need in a marketing automation suite. We are listening and will continue to make Automatr the best that it can be.”

The Campaigns Dashboard is the new main data hub for Automatr users, and boasts different chart views that let the user compare and contrast different metrics captured through the system.

The display provides high-value comparisons of multiple lead nurturing and drip campaigns, allowing Automatr users to more effectively manage their marketing initiatives. Multiple data chart views give a detailed outline of which strategies are most efficient and deliver the greatest reach, helping marketers maximize their results.

Starting at just $500/month, Automatr is an affordable and innovative option for marketers who use Drupal. Effective implementation is the key to fully utilize any marketing automation platform so the Volacci team provides free training, an extensive knowledge base, free support and one-on-one coaching. For more information, contact Erik Wagner, or visit http://automatr.com/.


About Volacci:

Volacci, an Austin, TX-based digital marketing has specialized in providing software and services to website marketers and owners. Their mission is to build intelligent digital marketing platforms and the technologies necessary to deliver them. Volacci provides superior client services and products, such as Automatr, a marketing automation platform.

CEO Ben Finklea has been at the forefront of Drupal marketing strategies for years, with an early focus on search engine optimization (which he literally wrote the book on), to current offerings of full digital marketing solutions and products, such as Automatr, the first marketing automation platform integrated directly into Drupal’s admin interface. Volacci's services include marketing automation, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and more.