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A Move Away From Mobile?

cell-phone_1_0.jpgIn mobile’s short lifetime, marketers have experimented with the medium for both brand-building and a direct-response channel, with no major quantitative effectiveness emerging with either usage. However, the rate that cell phones and other mobile devices are evolving, we might just be seeing a side effect of technological puberty. It seems like only yesterday that I was setting up the original Nintendo on a 12’’ television screen that needed rabbit ears to make Mario not look like a moving tomato. Now you can play video games on my iPhone will waiting in line at the grocery store for the lovely old lady in front of me writing a check. Technology is mobilizing faster than our pocketbooks can keep up in this recession-stricken new year. Where is the recession going to strike in the world of strategic communications? Will we see a move away from mobile in 2009, or will mobile adapt to the economic environment?

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