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The Power of the Mobile Web

Don’t look now, but that cell phone in your hand, pocket, or purse is growing more powerful by the minute – and I’m not talking about the mounting bill. Mobile internet access has grown extremely prominent over the last year, with 40% of adults accessing the Web, email or instant messaging on their mobile phones. This increase, according to the new PEW Internet Research Study: Mobile Access 2010, is up from 32% of Americans who did so as of April 2009.

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Apple to “Power Down” Quattro Mobile Advertising Network

In a move expected by many and feared by Nomophobians, Apple announced that it is going to “power down” the Quattro mobile advertising network - a three-year old operation Apple acquired this past January. The Quattro mobile advertising team was critical to the development of iAd, the mobile advertising network Apple launched on July 1st for iPhone and iPod touch apps.

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5 Benefits of Mobile Advertising

Do you own a cell phone? I bet your kids have a cell phone each. Doesn’t everyone use cell phones these days?! According to the PEW Research Center’s latest study, six in ten Americans go online wirelessly from a mobile device. Use of the mobile Internet is growing at an unprecedented rate and will soon overtake the home computer as the most common way people get online.

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