Infographics: 7 Things To Avoid

Infographics: 7 Things To Avoid

September 20th, 2012

The popularity of infographics is on the rise, with more and more business investing time and money in these pretty informational displays. Do your infographics lack spark, or are you looking to get started making them? Here are seven pitfalls that every company should be aware of when they take on an infographic project:

1. Data Integrity – Unless a graphic is updated quite regularly, the data represented in its contents can be out of date quite quickly.

2. They Look Like the Competition’s – You need graphics that stand out from the rest.

3. Commmon Data – For the best impact, give readers something new.

4. Too Little Information – Informative graphics will grab a reader’s attention and keep him or her on your web page a bit longer.

5. Poorly Defined Data – What may seem obvious to you may only confuse your potential audience.

6. Off Topic Illustrations – Having generic off-topic illustrations can drive people away from the website, thus costing you potential business.

7. Boring Graphics – Keep visual impact and exciting content in mind.

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